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Deer hunting while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Sickleg, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Anybody else done it?

    I did it last season, and I shot the biggest buck I've ever shot. It was the most fun I've ever had hunting. I never got bored. I never got sleepy. I was aware of everything around me. It was incredible. Has anybody else tried this? Please share your stories.

    I do have one last question though. If I was to puff on a joint up in my stand, would the smell scare deer away? I don't know if smoke would scare deer since it is a natural smell.
  2. Not sure about deer but sometimes when I blaze in the woods a bunch of birds will start flying in the area near me. Also it's probably a bad idea to be firing a gun while high man I mean maybe you have enough experience to handle that but seems like a bad idea to me.
  3. I dunno, personally I wouldn't like to kill something when high. Well, even not when I'm high for that matter...
  4. i went deer hunting high once....ended up with an austrian accent and fighting some ugly ass thing that could turn invisible! Had to make my own bow and and shit to.

    Man that was a fun day, never again tho.
  5. If your asking that question you don't deserve a firearm.
  6. Fuck Rhythm of life weed is about relaxing and finding the fun things in life...

    but on the bright side the way marjiauna reacts to him it might be a good thing...

    but i would hate to get caught with drug possenion and lose all your guns and go to jail...

    and being a fellow gun lover here i will support you so do what ever you want to do
  7. If you are hunting the deer because you have no food and plan on eating it them go for it. If not, then how about I blaze then go to your neighborhood and start hunting you?
  8. that's just awkward.
  9. Hunting deer for food is not the same as hunting people.
    People have hunted deer for centuries, who are you to say that hunting is worse than buying your meat at the grocery store?

    I also don't think hunting stoned is dangerous, you just have to know gun safety.
  10. I'd love to try that because I bet it's awesome. I don't know why people are complaining about hunting for fun. It's not like he's going to cripple the deer and then torture it for a few hours. He's just going to kill it and brag about how big of a buck he got. It just goes back to your primal male instincts.

  11. You'd probably end up getting shot.
  12. thank you, all these anti-hunting people need to go somewhere cuz we don't care that you don't like hunting so why are u even in this thread.

  13. Obviously some people are more comfortable around guns than others. I have been shooting guns since I was like 3. I'm talking about weed here, not lsd.

    Joint = no drug possession, so I'm not worried.

    How about I raise you in a cage and pump you full of growth hormones and give you absolutely no mental stimulation for your whole life until I brutally slaughter you and package your flesh and sell you to people who have no idea where their food came from? Welcome to farmville.

    Wow! I didn't ask to be preached at! I'm going to hunt whether some of you like it or not, so it's pointless to argue. Where I come from, hunting is as much a part of life as breathing. Would respond to more, but G2G!

  14. can you come to my neighborhood and hunt some of my neighbors? please :)
  15. Considering I play TheHunter all the time when I'm blazed (it's probably the most realistic hunting game on the market, google it) I'm sure hunting in real life is great too.

    The quiet time for introspection, nature all around you, the sun above you, staying quiet and waiting patiently for a single moment and listening to carefully to noises all around you would make hunting stoned great, in my opinion. Just be careful with the gun.
  16. Think about how many idiots slam back a bunch of beers before going hunting!

    I think it would be exhilarating, but when it came down to actually shooting that deer, I couldn't do it high.
  17. ya the gun shot would scare the shit out of me and id proly miss and id feel bad for killing it.. ( wouldnt care if i was sober )
  18. heh i'm not even reading what others have to say cuz i'm sure theres some no hunting b/s and shooting a gun while high b/s. i hear that. but theres a big diffrence in a adult getting high and a teenager getting stoned.

    most of the hunters i know smoke. there all in their 40-50s, i don't know too many younger ppl that hunt anymore.

    i haven't went out for a few years. but i've never gotten anything when i was dry. i'd get so bored just sitting there and after a few hrs i'd end up walking around.

    so yea if your an adult, that has a dencent tolerance, and knows their gun safety. then i see no problem with it.
  19. i smoke every morning while walking out to my stand. its not a big deal. if you are a fucking idiot you might mistake a deer for a person. it is very relaxing to be high in the woods. no one around to bother you. just you and nature.

    it is a bit creepy to smoke in the morning tho. smoke a j at 530am while walking to my stand. so many little noises and shit like that in the woods. i thought everything was bigfoot coming after me lol

    hunting high ftw
  20. ive been hunting stoned sense i was 13 im finally glad to hear me and my father arnt the only ones out there that do it lol. im stoned 24/7 in deer season. but it actually seems like the deer are more comfortable around you when your smoking atleast round here they are. i can go 20 miles down the road and the deer might be afraid of it cause they arent use to it. know what i mean. it helps mask the human scent also i beleive well it almost has to lol

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