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  1. ever since i started smoking weed i felt a lot calmer and felt it was easier to think about life with out the stress,,, i now wake up each day thinking about life more,, as in looking at myself to see if i am happy with who i am and if i need to change any bad habits shit like that,, i never used to think as much,, ne one else like this or do i need to get out more :wave:
  2. The desire to improve one's self should not stem from smoking weed. But hey, whatever works.
  3. I don't see the logic behind your statement. People provide themselves with insight in many different ways. If smoking weed helps someone reflect on themselves then you have no right to tell them otherwise. Cannabis isn't just for getting high, or to be used as medicine. It is actually a very powerful tool for meditation and self reflection, which can lead to self improvement.
  4. I said the desire, not the method. Do you get what I'm saying?
  5. You're not making any sense.. you said the desire should not stem from smoking weed. Why the fuck not? Why does it matter if it stems from smoking weed or reading a self-improvement book or watching an inspirational movie. I think ANYTHING that causes you to want to improve yourself is great. I'm gonna go better myself now, peace :smoking::wave:
  6. Because it's a natural quality. You shouldn't need anything at all.
  7. Yeah and we should all be perfect and have millions of dollars in the bank. Have fun living in your fantasy world, the rest of us will be here chillin in the real one. :D
  8. Lucien Lachance, I don't agree the desire with you.
  9. The fuck are you talking about? There aren't many people who don't want to better themselves. What differs is people's methods. Some seek advice, some read books, some smoke weed. What I'm saying is that if before smoking weed the OP didn't wake up and think about things he could improve, then that's sad.

    If after that post you don't see what I'm saying (whether or not you agree), don't retort. Neither of us is going to get anywhere.
  10. i said the weed has made me think (more) because im alot calmer to do so and who gives a fuk what desire or method self thought comes from,, are u a saint??

  11. FIGHT!!!! :devious:===>:mad:
  12. If thats the way you want to go then so be it.

    It isn't very social around these parts, friend.
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    This Lucien dude is nothing but a troll. Tis best to ignore him, all he wants to do is argue.

    Marijuana has helped me realize a whole lot about myself. If I didn't smoke weed, my brain would never slow down enough for me to actually deeply reflect on my life and how I want to live it.
  14. i agree ginandjuice. i definitely am thinking about EVERYTHING differently after smoking regularly.

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