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  1. just wondering if anyone is usine deep water culture method? I just switched and am so excited...I got a root in da water overnight (das 3 inches of root growth overnight).woohooo!! My only concer is that my water temp is kinda high at 78, any thoughts?

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  2. thats ironic, i just posted a proposal for that.

  3. yeah if u wanna fine tune it a little then try and get the temp down, the higher the temp the less oxygen the water can take in, but i surpose u know that.

    how ur gonna drop the temp is up2u. any chance of more info on ur grow or some pics showing the setup of the buckets?

    where do u have the airpumps feeding ur buckets?
  4. tis hard cus not at my location, so I cant monitor like I should. Im using 2 dual output airpumps(fed through the lid)- cheap pumps from walmart supposed to be the best. Using 16 gallon sterilite containers- rubbermaid arent as strong to hold water. buckets would be better, but limited on space. Have 2 plants in each tub. I have read about poeple using this setup getting 10 pounds in 3 months from clones with 5 or 6 plants and 10000 watts or so. thats awesome! i just wanted to try something new and small and easy with DWC, so we shall see if its for me. Like I said, this is not near me so I end up leaving it alone for days at a time which is kinda cool. I am limited to flouros for my lighting for now, but i got quite a few watts now and its fairly cool. Ill try to attach a pic, but it wouldnt take last

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  5. can u see the water drops on it? i think thats a good sign. puff pufff passss...

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  6. sorry i posted in the wrong place. but yeah, what ever the room temps are are good bubble res. temps.
  7. i doubt u still have the pumps sitting on the buckets right under the lights do u?

    all i can think of to fine tune ur grow is put the pumps in the coldest place u can find and get the coldest dence air u can into ur water.

    btw i was just wondering wot size r them net pots and wot size of plants r u thinking of growing in ur setup?
  8. first, your right the pumps have been moved. that was my first learning curve...
    my net pots are 5 inch and im planning on keeping my garden small and dense- maybe even just a mom crop because im really limited on space. ive seen pics of guys pulling close to 2lbs off one plant in a 6 inch pot using 5 gallon bucket. another modification was Im using black tubs now instead of the blue- they need to be light tight for the reservior im told to avoid algae.

  9. black sucks up the heat, thats gonna b y ur waters getting warm. paint them white if u can or cover them in white plastic sheet, this will keep them cooler and reflect light back into ur grow.

    wot light r u gonna use 4 flowering?
  10. How long would you have to veg for a two pound plant?
  11. A 2ib plant is not just about ho lo g to veg etc... - it is a huge number of things

    answer teh following and I could be able to help

    WHat light do you have - watts?
    Nutrients are you using?
    Seeds - or clones
    Type of plant - indicam sativa etc...
    dimensions of room

    this will effect how much of the two pounds you get....
    my view is a decent grow is 1gram per watt of high quality - so you will need 1000watt light roughly if you want 2lbs, and this is my personal rule - so if you have a big or small space one or many plants you shoud expect 1=1 if you have done ok
  12. I appreciate the response I am going to be using gen hydro three part series with an added sweetener and super thrive. I have a 1000 watt sodium and 400 halide, will be starting with clones from medical dispensary, I am more than likely going to grow an indica dominant plant the dimesnsions of the room I will use is 10 X 9 X 8, with excellent ventilation and an air conditioner I also have a light mover if that helps, also my system is a simple black bucket dwc with a 3 foot airstone and a dual air pump.
  13. Nice - sounds like you will get a good harvest with that lot!
    A target to set yourself would be to get 1gm per wt so 1400grams roughly 2.5lb
    So in theory more than you want.

    Train them so you can get as many heads as possible producing decent nugs - with that much light you can train them out oveer a decent area nd stilll get good coverage

  14. 1gpw @ 1400w is over three lbs.

    And a single 1K in that sized room will need two additional sides to be used for better reflection as even a 6x6 canopy will suffer from walls too far away.

    Hang two sheets of R-max six feet from a corner and use all four sides to help you get the 1gpw,I got 1.2 gpw off one1k in a 10x10x8 room using only the open corner so it can be done and improved on too.

  15. We use Kilo here so it was a rough guide...:)

  16. You did very well then my friend.

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