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deep thoughts... whats your opinion?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobication, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. HEY, havnt posted here in a while, soo tonight would be as good as any night to check the forums out.. soo YO!!.. anyway... after alot of deep thought, i came to this conclusion(gimme your thoughts, i sat and dug in my mind for a few hours and amazed myself, or am I just toooo high, then again its my personal opinion....soooo fuck it):

    People who regularly smoke marijuana, can handle strange, funny, nervous, social life and intense situations a lot better than most people do WHEN NOT HIGH. Because, they have already been through those experiences,they had their hearts pound a hundred miles per hour, they tryed to fight nervous twitches soo on and so forth. the experience of intense moments and the usuall passive behaviour a pot smoker has... not too mention change of moods...

    those of you who smoke everyday and FOR REAL are true pot smokers till death, whats your opinion on responsible pot smoking, how much and what about if you have kids, so many factors to think about... soo whats up?
  2. yeah sort of know what you mean im really fucking baked so ill write back tommorow when im not so stoned....
  3. I know what you mean. I have smoked for about 30 years now and my kids are grown and gone. I was in a accident about 10 yrs ago that put me in a wheelchair ( c-7 Quad for you that know) so I have smoked aprox ½ O each week. I never smoked in front of them but from about the age of 12 I had to explain why I had to smoke (chronic pain and muscle spasms). Kids aren't dumb they figure it out and the wonder why you lied. I have a Rx now but I found that when other things came up like coke, meth, ect.. my kids and there close friend would come and talk to me about them. I was honest and told them in my wilder day I had tried them all and would answer any question that they had. I grew up in the 70's and tried a lot of different things.
    I think being honest is the right thing. But when the kid is adult enough to understand what you are doing or know what that smell is talk to them.
    I also am a tutor mentor at the local middle school you would be surprised at how many kids think that there parent smoke dope.
    Just my thoughts
  4. Hey dude I totally get what your saying, it happens to me still some times, the key is just to relax. Next time your stoned and about to walk in to a room of people that aren't, take a deep breathe and remember that your in control and once you realized that you wont be worried about those twitches. cause its all sub conscious, if I just smoked a lot and I go to a party some times ill be worried about tweaking out, and then I do but if I don't worry about it never happens see its all in your head. I have the problem big time iv been smoking every day for a long while now, and now I think that you made me just figure out myself how to control that so it never happens again, thanks DUDE! Remember just enjoy yourself and don't worry about other people, F**k them if they look down on you, honestly what do you care about some pricks that would make you tweak out anyways?
  5. pot mokser can handle so much more than "ordianry" people mentaly. respinble pot smoking is pot smoking where your arent causing any harm to youresfl or any one around you. il just explain to me kids how everything they are told about pot is bullshit and that their goverment will tell them only what they want them to hear nothing else. it is one of the most imporatn things i think that everyone in life should try marijuana for themselves rather than be told what to believe. i think there is no limit to how much pot you can smoke that it will be considered un resobinle. and i will for sure turn my kids onto pot at 16 if they havent already discoverd the wonders of the most magical plant in the universe
  6. i love deep thoughts when im stoned. if im watching TV i psychoanalyze everyone on tv, its fun as hell. Course i never know if i realy know whats going on, or if im just way to stoned.
  7. Smoke all you want and think you've got it over people who don't and you'll just end up kidding yourself. People who don't smoke are different from people who have just smoked because they're not high. Your don't want to see your reflexes go flat in case of emergency. Sometimes you need to act with instant clarity depending on what it is you're reacting to (or not). "ahh, look at that...a semi-truck in the oncoming lane just crossed over into my lane...AHHHHHH!" Or, "aw, look honey! The baby is picking a mushroom out of the grass and is just about to swallow it. Get the camera, quick!" I wonder how often hospitals, doctors, cops, judges, etc. have heard the excuse, "Sorry man, I was too high."
  8. I've been smoking weed since 1969 & have had no problems with maintaining my train of, what was I going to say?
    I'm kidding...but I have been toking 35 yrs now, married 20 yrs & have a 13 yr old son. We're about as normal as any other American family around. My wife & I are both retired early [good investments] & my son knows about my pot smoking because, as I don't flaunt it in his face, I've never really hidden the fact either. I only smoke in my den & not until 5 pm, so the weed never interferes with anything that needs to be done. My kid isn't interested in smoking or drinking, & is making me quit cigs this year [I'm glad] & is an all-around good kid, so weed smoking hasn't affected him any. My wife doesn't smoke weed & both of us quit drinking yrs ago.
    If my son wants to try weed 1 day, no problem, as long as he's 18+ & does it here. But as far as raising a kid, I don't think reefer has any adverse affects to anyone. :hippie:
  9. ^^ sounds alot like MY dad, lol^^

    this stuff is too deep for me to talk about... i should smoke first
  10. ive always struggled back and fourth with whats wrong and right. ive smoked weed now for about 10 years and have had only one mixup with the law. it landed me 6 mos of probation, peeing in front of someone and going to bullshit drug rehab classes.

    i cant say i didnt learn anything. what i learned was not everyone shares the same views as us. a lot of people really do look at us as being some sorta crackhead. but then they can turn around and get wasted on the weekends or everynight for that matter drinking alcohol. ive done the drinking, and quite heavily for almost a year. which is a bad thing because alcholism is rampant on both sides of my family.

    i havent drank in so long, at least not to get drunk, that ive become mostly sensitive to alcohol beverages. i dont like how they taste, make me feel or the after effects which i can feel when the alcohol leaves your system.

    getting back to what i was saying about going to drug class, it sucked because here was a counsler trying to tell us that all marijuana was made up of the same thc content and you couldnt get any higher if you were already stoned. this really didnt make much sense to me because i had smoked schwag and nugs. i had another guy in my class who agreed with me, this guy had no idea what he was talking about. they really put potheads down. almost to the fact where i was ashamed for being in the situation i was in. they made it seem that drinking was fine.

    that was over 7 years ago ive had that brush. i havent come in contact with leo over my apparant substance abuse and im glad of it. im a good citizen, i work, i pay my bills, i dont drink and drive, but i do enjoy smoking. i have never done anything to anyone in malice. when my daughter is older, i want her to make her own choices in whats right and wrong. i dont want her perception to be twisted and misguided by government propaganda. i do hope that if it is her choice to smoke weed, she does in my home. i want her to beable to ask me and talk to me about the drugs out there. im pretty sure when shes 18 or so, there is going to be shit out there that i have never heard of, for my parents it was basically all the party drugs they found out years later after my use. i never had the type of relationship where i could ask my parents about that stuff, but i damn sure will go out of my way to make sure my daughter knows. im rambling, prolly not making sense and im being rushed to go! talk to all later
  11. I've noticed that same thing...
    All these companies that drug test don't give a shit about booze. You could come into work hungover like a blowfish, but if they catch 1 glimpse of weed, you're shit-canned pronto.
    That's 1 reason why I quit fuckwad is going to tell me what I can & can't do on my own time. Plus like you said, people assume weed & crack & heroin are all the same.
    "Those damn potheads have been smoking LSD again & shooting up pot."--:hippie:
  12. ...just to reiterate...Smoking weed and doing drugs NEVER gives you a real advantage because the substance alters rather than adds to anything to your brain. Unless you stay high all the time your brain resumes normal function as the effects diminish. You get no advantage unless you're trying to catch a nap. Catch a fire, catch a snack and catch a nap.

  13. OK, let me see if I got this...catch a liar, catch some crack & take a crap?? Is that it?? :hippie:
  14. ill address my children when they come of age (15-16) or if i find paraphenalia or weed, but ill tell them, no matter what i tell you your probably going to smoke and drink, and i dont care as long as you get a b to a b+ average in school. ill just make sure they know the facts. but they wont have to live in fear like i did in america, im moving to canada, haha



  15. Lucky bastard...I wish I could say the same. The 1 thing though -- cold, cold 8 month winters. I lived in Chi-town & Denver for 30 yrs & have seen enough snow to frost my balls, so I gotta stay where there's warmth all year. Except we had a bad winter this past 1. :hippie:
  16. i've been a continous toker since 1981 and give all/any credit to my professional sucess to my ability to maintain a constant level of thc.i never would have been able to mentally digest any of the college chemistry without the blitz. i can't recall any chemistry right now,,,but it got me where i needed to be, and as long a it made me smart enough to pass those piss tests,i'm gonna keep blazing and thinking my own special thoughts; i thinksometimes, if i ever wrote those thoughts down i could solve some world problems or write a cool book. i need another joint to think about it somemore.
  17. ummm.....................uh hugh
    never mind i will write back later
  18. yeah but is a stoners "moment of clarity" the same as a nonstoner? i think not. they would say ours is covered in haze, for some of us, that statement would be quite true :) but its an old question. i hate to say it, but when the majority of the brainwashed baby boomers die off, things will kinda get better.
  19. When/if I have kids I plan to be as open about my smoking as my parents were. I wont tell them to do it or anything, but if they make that choice on their own I will not be a hypocrit and tell them not to do it until they are 18. I started before I was 18, so...yah. Although I will say that if it starts to affect their school work they must stop until it gets better. I had a B average through most of highschool so my parents didnt really care, it didnt run my life or anything. I will however tell my kid that if he is going to drink before he is 21...he will not drive drunk or be driven by someone who is drunk. My parents didnt really like me drinking, but I did...and if I was somewhere where no one was fit to drive me...I would call my dad and he would come pick me up, he wouldnt say anything until the next day about it either.

    I think a responsible smoker is someone who can realize, that while being high is great and all...that there are times when you shouldnt be, and they know when its time to stop. If someone got fired from their job lets say...and started buying pot instead of food (I know, I know...what are the chances that will happen..mmmm munchies) then they need to stop, for it is ruling their life. If someone starts stealing to buy pot...or just stealing pot (I had a friend like that...) they need to quit, it is ruling their life.
  20. In my 35 yrs of toking, I've never seen or heard of anyone whose life was pre-occupied with pot. They may have thought, talked, or smoked it 24/7, but I've never seen reefer affect their job. Now schoolwork is another story. I do believe kids came be pre-occupied with the puffage...probably because it's such a novelty for them. That's why if my 13 yr old son ever shows interest in doobage, he's gotta wait until 18+. But so far, it's smoking itself that bothers him. Hates ciggies, booze & buds. But if he ever changes his mind, I'll be there to answer any questions or problems...:hippie:

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