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Deep sea fishing?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. I'm looking for a good place to do some deep sea fishing.
    Alabama or Florida area preferably. I am planning a trip for April. Any one have sugestions on good places to go and stay a week?

    BPP you should have a good place picked out for me!
  2. What do you want? trophy fish or a cooler full of meat.

    Tuna Fishing, you got to go out of Venice Louisiana

    Snapper, Grouper, etc. two choices a fun time for the boys i would choose Orange Beach, Alabama. Nice boats, nice captains, good spots and when you hit the shore you can spend all night at the Florabama lounge.

    If you are taking the family, go out of Destin Florida. Momma can stay on dry land and have plenty to do. Trips are not that long to hit deep water because the Canyon is pretty close by.

    Stay away from Panama City Beach for fishing. Overcrowded and overfished. Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe east down the coast is hit and miss. Sometimes you limit out quick other times all you catch are squirrel fish.

    I prefer the nice big boats at Orange Beach, air-conditioned and rides smooth over the rough waves. But nothing beats cracking that first cold beer at 5:30 in the morning.
  3. Dauphin Island, AL? It's easy to get to and has a great beach too? Only an hour and a half to two hours for me. Gotta love MS Gulf Coast, we got everything! NOLA only 45 mins...depending on the traffic. We also have lots of camps and hotels. The beach sucks. SO, definately think about FL or AL for the kiddies, fish swim everywhere!

    You gotta come when BPP comes, so we can have a party!!!!!
    Jokin and tokin with your pal nate!
  4. Just looking for a weeks vacation when the boys get out of school. I thought deepsea fishing would be great for my fishing buddies. My oldest wants to catch sharks. The youngst doesn't really care as long as their big. It will be late june or early July.

    Nate don't go wishing to hard or you just might have company to drop by. I have only met in person two people that i have talked to on the MJ exchange on the net. It would be a blast to see a few more.

    I'll keep you both updated on the date we will be in route.
  5. Shark fishing? Try Destin FL. its where they fimed the first Jaws movie and they have the best shark fishing on the Gulf.

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