Deep Rising (1998)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dizzy, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. I just watched this film last night with my husband lol...glad the kids were not around tbh because they would probably have been scared. Has anyone else seen this? IK it a old film but it was pretty good an also wild af. Im glad my man bought it lol.

    That creature was really scary tbh an what it did to people would be a horrible ting to experience
    Glad its just a movie lbvs.
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  2. I actually found this in a bargain bin about 2 months ago

    saw it back in 98 and thought it was worth a replay

    I got as far as the girl thief got caught in the safe

    now you have it..I 'll re watch it

    cheers. Dizzy
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  3. Thanks for the reply Vostok. Imo its definetly worth a view at least once. Pretty good movie.

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  4. One rare movie that includes sub sea monsters that are actually real ! .lol

  5. Uhhh just watch until the end lol. :D

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  6. based treat williams

  7. What do you mean by based?

  8. Based. You know, fuckin', based.
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  9. :confused_2:I still don't know what you talking about lol.

    @vostok Have you watch this whole movie yet?


  10. Not Yet I'm saving it for the Weekend and make a stoner party of it

    made back in 1998 So it can wait a few More days.. to this Saturday
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  11. Watched it: @Dizzy ..and rememberd why I bought the dvd its got Famke Janssen playing a lead
    who would go on to play Jean Grey in the X-Men just 9 movies later

    as for Treat Williams ...? (Now What?)
    I don't know much but he is still acting heavily too.. but nothing I know of

    Back in the day I liked it full on action with a very thin script but has not aged well most in the CGI area

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  12. Did you see the part were
    The dude gives the gun to the terrorist so he can kill him self instead of getting ate but the bad guy tries to shoot the guy who just gave him the gun...then when he tries to kill him self For realnext bullet he is out lmao iwas like OMG CTFU that's what he get for being mean!

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  13. Yeah that was CLASSIC
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  14. Yea it was but I feel let down that we didn't get to see...
    What that was coming towards them at the end of the film on that island
    Should have a Deep Rising 2 lbvs :p


  15. Found: Yes we talked about that too perhaps for part 2 but didn't get the funding?
    When Hanover is being eaten by a monster, Joey hands him a pistol, a stainless steel semi-automatic. Hanover chooses to shoot at Joey one time before eventually attempting to turn the gun on himself before he is eaten, but the gun is now empty. The slide should have locked back after firing the last round, indicating that the gun is empty.
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