Deep pot, shallow tray.

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  1. Lets say I provide the same volume for the roots to grow, 3 gallons. I know the plant will work out just fine in a 3 gallon bucket, but will it grow well in a 3 gallon "tray", a shallow rectangular tray.

    Think large, flat, hempy bucket.

    If this works I can match my SoG area with the area of the tray, providing much more root space, and a lower profile box.
  2. If you are using soil....a three gallon tray would be a pain in the ass compared to a 3 gal bucket. I'm not saying it can't be done, but watering would be tough.
  3. This would be passive hydroponics, no soil, no mess. My main concern is that the roots will not grow horizontally at the same rate they grow down.

    EDIT: I am conducting some tests with other plants, seeds started in small rockwool cubes, and I will see if I can grow them on a shallow dinner plate, effectively.
  4. To me it sounds like you're describing a DWC system, which is technically an active, not passive hydroponics system.

    And no it will not matter that the tray is flat, the plant doesn't care, as long as it has the space to grow, it will be fine. However the biggest problem to you is going to be keeping the water level topped up to the right height. The more water the plant drinks the lower it's gonna get, and that may or may not be a problem for you in that kind of setup
  5. I am searching about this at the moment, but I will throw it in. How much space is needed? And how does the space effect the plats growth. This will be passive hydro as I stated.
  6. Did you ever try this? This is what I was thinking of doing

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  7. I have the same set up in my closet but I have 34qt tub and I fill it 3 1/2 gal. And I'm using 3in net pots with plugs.

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