Deep meditation.

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  1. What happens when you reach deep meditation? I dont really know any one who meditates so I thought I would ask a bunch of stoners from an online forum. Ive been trying to reach deep meditation but never have. Whats it feel like? Or whats supposed to happen?
  2. OOB, extreme slowdown of physical stuff like heartbeat and breathing. google 'samadhi'
  3. You reach pure bliss and see the connection between everything and not the seperation like the ever was any.
  4. pretty much. I love meditating.. it's an amazing feeling, it's almost like you can wash away everything that has happened in that day/week, and come home to a fresh, new body and mind. definitely try it.
  5. I need to start meditating dad has been doing Tai Chi and a heavy meditator (2-3 hrs a day) for about 30 yrs now. I can't even imagine what he must see/realize in deep meditation.
  6. Dude, I love the sig, I'm gonna be gettin an Aum tattoo soon.

    Anyways, I try to connect myself to all of existence by meditating. I get in touch with nature and the cosmos. I also do yoga. I fiind it helps alot. Just find your own way man, there isn't one way for everyone to meditate, each person finds their own method to do it.

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