Deep Fried Friends

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  1. The title says it all, if you haven't heard the doom song, basically fair wether friends and other that like to fuck with you, I got some, guess its time to find some new friends, or just not have any friends at all at this point, eh idk, weigh in with your opinion
  2. As u call em, they call you when they need somethin
    Trees for the blunt, Gs for the front
    I found a way to get a peace of mind for years and left the hell alone
    Turn a dead ear to the cellular phone
    Send me a letter or better, we could see each other in real life
    Just so u can feel me like a steel knife
    At least so u could see the white in they eyes
    Bright with suprise once they finish spittin lies


    So no a days he aint so friendly
    Actually they wouldn't even made a worthy enemy

  3. It gets lonely with out any friends or anything, but yeah I cut the cancer off a while ago
  4. Almost diddent do my bump, but yea i feel you, but like this guy quoting the song
    "Send me a letter or better, we could see each other in real life
    Just so u can feel me like a steel knife"
    Real shit been happening to me my whole fuckin life
    Vary rare you come across true friends
  5. I'm not sure what you're expecting me to say. The only deep fried friends I have hail from the south.
  6. Aaand I'm from texas, haha nothing but em here
  7. It's spelled MF DOOM.
    Get it right.
  8. That's just people for you, I know plenty too. Just know who you're true friends are and don't sweat the other flakes, it's not worth the energy. Friends are definitely good to have so try and not to get cynical about it. And there's always opportunities to meet new genuine people and form real friendships if you're open to it.
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    True all caps when you spell the mans name :p

    Nd I kno what you mean it just sucks when you realize your "real friends" are a buncha slacking ass, only when your in a good mood type of assholes, makes me sick tbh, fuck people tho its a good thing I still have people from when I was a kid, otherwise I would be one friendless fuck
  10. You sir are right and the reaction track was fuckin hot if you ask me
    And this is why I'm bumping all the time, love having the doom fans come out

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