Deep fried bud oreos

Discussion in 'General' started by FireDank, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. i looked around and couldnt find anything on this so i just went ahead and did it myself... i put like .5 in an oreo and covered it in dough then deep fried it on 320 degrees..
    i ate it about 10 mins ago ill tell you how it goes
    comment if youve tried this and it didnt work though
  2. I don't see why that wouldn't work. Post results and don't smoke until/if it kicks in.

  3. yeah man will do
  4. i dont rly see this workin too well, i guess the oil in the fryer could have absorbed the thc, but it doesnt seem very effficient

  5. well were just gonna have to wait like 30 more mins to see
  6. starting to kick in
  7. wanna see it,waiting
  8. Dude, if it works and you make another, take a pic. I wanna see this shit lol.
  9. im about to make another
    edit: oh i used pizza dough instead of batter like you usually use for making deep fried oreos and i made sure it was sealed off as good as i could get it
  10. So? Results? :cool:
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    Isnt putting it more then 220 Degrees Lowers down potency..?
  12. Yea if I put me in it my sperm count is lowered.
  13. results???????
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  15. Obviously, the deep fried weed is fatal and OP is dead.
  16. Agreed.

  17. Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania

    you ever seen teh purple lambo?
  18. Yes, in town. I see his red Ferrari more often though. Usually parked outside his bar/concert venue, The Note. My step dad's business (before he went to jail and became a heroin addict) actually installed his restaurant computers.

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