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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lamont2468, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I'm a beginner grower and I'm graduating from high school and finally moving out on my own so i decided to give growing a try. My parents have a deep freezer that i was thinking about asking for. The dimentions are 2.5HX1.5L X2.5W thats in feet. Do you think this is enough space to grow 4 good size plants with a 400W HPS or do i need to do bigger?
  2. no the plants will probaly get 1 feet wide should use a closet or a spare bedroom or just grow 2 plants in da freezer... and if you do remember youre gonna need plenty of ventalation .... if you need any help with that Use The Search Button at the top
  3. I was thinking about using a closet but oder control would be a big issue. They wouldnt be in a box so what could i use for that
  4. closets work really well you just need ventalation ... ill see if i can come across or make a step by step thing to show you how to ventalate ur closet or freezer
  5. That would be perfect because i'm not really good at the whole setting up a grow box thing. I was thinking about doing that, but when i looked at other people's and i saw all the things they had, I knew that i couldn't make anything like that. If you can do that for me it would be great.
  6. if its only 2.5 feet tall where are you going to put the light
  7. I was only going to have the plant about a foot and a half high and use LST. I was going to start with four and hope that at least two were female and hang the light from the top of the freezer about a foot away.
  8. Search for threads started by Vokal ... he disappeared lately but about a year ago he posted great plans with pics and drawings on building a cool box...
  9. thanks i will
  10. well i use a 400 watter and have about 3 feet of vertical space. i would say heat would be the main issue. i normally grow 2 plants and LST the heck out of them but i have a bit more horizontal space. i end up with short plants but they do get pretty darn wide. a ScrOG might be interesting in your setup but unless you have some serious ventilation i would say a 400 would be a bit much.
  11. I think that i am going to dump the whole deep freezer idea anyway. I'm just going to use a closet paint the walls white and put my 400W in there probably grow like 5 plants and see what happens. How big of a yield do you ususally get with your wide plants?
  12. So far it's been close to 2 oz. per plant. That was with bag seed and using crappy soil and ferts. This time around I'm using FoxFarm soil and ferts along with some good genetics (Northern Lights) so hopefully i'll eclipse that by a decent amount.
  13. That's pretty good. I'm tryin to get the biggest yield i can so maybe I'll got with a good strain like NL. Where do you get your seeds from? DO you live in the U.S because I need to buy some and don't know where to do.

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