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dee lee glass?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by wishuponansg, Jan 10, 2010.

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    any one ever heard of/used any of their bongs. my first glass was a 16" straight tube by them, and it hits beautifully. its a sturdy ass bong too, i swear it's got 9 lives. anyway, i was thinking of upgrading soon, and i saw another dee lee beaker bottom triple perc at my local headshop and wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with them first. thanks
  2. never heard of them. probably a local oregon blower, (just guessing :cool:)
  3. oregon has some dope glass blowers, and usually really good prices
  4. so can i assume its not china glass then? im sure its too hard to tell from the picture i posted, what should i look for? or is it impossible to tell?
  5. yes i have heard of them i have a dubble perc i dont know wear thay come from
  6. My local headshop started carrying alot of Dee Lee glass. I'm here in Arkansas and I'd like to know where they come from also. My headshop will never make a custom order, they're dicks so you have to choose from the small selection they have. Id like to be able to order one of them direct.
  7. I don't know anything about the blower but I would recommend you stay away from triple percs altogether.
  8. I, personally don't like percs. they're a bitch to get totally clean. I own a single dome perc beaker bottom and no matter how much a Iso+Salt it down. It always stays a shade of dookie brown.
  9. That's because iso+salt isn't enough to keep a perc'd tube shiny... or any tube for that matter if you have hard water.

    Get yourself some Grunge Off and you'll never have trouble keeping any tube clean ever again.
  10. i just heard of them today. in fresno ca, a shop called stuffed pipe had a few of them. they looked real thick and i liked that the price was low. the guy told me a little about how they were from oregon and a lot of peices have roor downstem (undiffused) because they bought them out when roor.us turned sheldon black. so they got connections and it's u.s. made with great price. if it makes you happy get with the shit.
  11. Down in LA ... awesome glass ... awesome pipes ... durable ... def. not a junk pipe ... was scrolling on the internet randomly and saw the thread thought i'd drop my 2 cents in ... why not!
  12. Looooooovvvvveeeeeee my DeeLee!! Found it in my local smoke shop in Fort Worth. Upgrade the stem and bowl and there's no equal!

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  13. Damn man that shit looks sturdy as hell.

  14. Thanks!

    Fits really well in your hand and the upgraded stem makes the smoothest hits.
  15. I love. LOVE, my dee lee's. other then this one
    i have a double perc 6 arm each.
    the double perc has 9 lives........ just like op
  16. Frosty are u talking about the electric moo?
  17. Ya i picked up one today i got a 2011 beaker...im in arkansas...there pretty sweet and hit good my came with a diffused downsteam..there not china...its quality glass at great price...3 more years and they probally e the top line
  18. Hey, soultoken9193. You mind posting a pic of that 2011 beaker, if you still got it? Thanks.
  19. That ashcatcher is pretty dirty there man looks like it time to clean it
  20. [​IMG]


    Just picked this up in Louisiana the other day. It came with a non-diffused downstem and a small, ugly bowl for 100. Swapped out the downstem for a 6 arm, and put a grav labs showerhead ac on her and she rips. I have an Alex K coming in the mail right now :bongin:

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