Dedication 2 [Lil Wayne] [DOWNLOAD HERE]

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  1. First and foremost, this is not a "Wayne vs. X" thread, a "Carter III suxzz/roolz" thread, or any sort of Wayne hate/love thread. Don't discuss these topics, don't bring it up. Thank you.



    DJ Drama is a dope producer, and this tape is no exception. This is not the Carter III Wayne. This is some different shit, and my favorite Wayne tape by far. I was just listening to it, while browsing some threads hating on Wayne, and I thought maybe some people should listen to some halfway-decent Lil Wayne.

    Before you talk shit, give it a listen. As always, play it loud as fuck with lots of bass..


    To download, click the rapidshare link below. Click free user (unless you have an RS account), and it will have you wait 55 seconds to download. It may ask you to enter a verification code, but after that you can click to begin the download.


    Enjoy. Lemme know what you think.
  2. are these new songs or just remixed stuff?
  3. thanks man
  4. Dude, Dedication 2 is waaaaayyy old. But its still one of my favorite Weezy mixtapes. DJ Drama is a great producer. If you want to hear another good Drama album, go listen to Gangsta Grillz the album ya dig!
  5. way old stuff! still good ;)
  6. Yeah, it is wayyyy old.

    I just thought some people needed to hear Wayne shine on some shit, rather than hearing the Carter III and jumping on the "fuck lil wayne" bandwagon.
  7. cool, i had this on my old computer and been jonesing to hear it again..

    the last song georgia bush is dope, but the last extra bit after "oh yeah.. you thought we was done... nah"

    on classic Pac beat...

    money money money get a dollar and a dick
    weezy baby that crack motherfucka get a fix
    got money out the ass no homo but i'm rich
    bought to go get surgery and put some diamonds in my wrist.. yes yup

    that track is fireeeee :hello::hello:
  8. Does anyone know where to download a full version of Louisianimal? I've been looking for an hour and I have yet to find a full, originial version...
  9. Thanks man. I can finally get on with my day hah. +rep
  10. lmao i member listenin to this shit 2 years ago on my way to summer jam at giants stadium in nj. ambitions as a ridah is like my favorite weezy song ever
    "no ice i like my drink str8 not gay" lmao
  11. me too.. i used to always listen to this shit.. the good days.. im sorry but lil wayne has digressed but used to be the shit.. im still gonna rep him unless his next album is garbage
  12. I only listen to old Lil Wayne. Tha Block is Hot is his best album.
  13. frontin like ma daddy
  14. classic weezy mixtape, one of the best

    also check out drought 2+3, the suffix, and theres always new wayne on just check out dj whiteowl

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