Decriminalized in Mississippi?

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  1. So I live in Fl now and will be going to college in Mississippi in August. I saw on Kind Green Buds that up to 30 grams is just a $100-250 fine. Anyone care to elaborate on this? They dont even have MM so that doesnt really make sense.
  2. Bump. No one knows anything about this?
  3. Ya lucky bastard, your right only a 100-250$ time 1st time, idk about 2nd time though, In TX depending where you live you can straight up go to jail 4 .2G's. Still I wouldn't want to live in Mississippi lol.

    Mississippi Marijuana Penalties - NORML

    That should help ya out man
  4. And bam, got this off the norml site 2 but it won't let me link it
    A second conviction within two years for possession of 30 grams or less carries a
    fine of $250 and not less than 5 or more than 60 days in county jail.

    So man, how the hell Mississippi got such nice laws but TX will fuck you, oh well, looks like your good in MI as long as you ain't a dealer or possess over an O at one time
  5. Alright thanks this is really good news
  6. It's called 1970's. I am still dumbfounded by Mississippi decriminalization.

  7. What?

  8. Just you think that Mississippi's laws are lenient? On the second conviction, you're going to jail for 5 days. And thats if they find a roach in your car.
  9. Down here in mississippi, if you admit you have it, they just take what you have, let you on your way, and they smoke it themselves..
  10. shit i used to live in ocean springs and they didnt seem to lienent there but my brothers dad still lives there so next time I go back imma ask some folks. Bc even tho its decrim. im not buyin them being so easy on it.

    not to call ^this man a liar or out or w/e but i lived outside of city limits so i never was around cops anyways but all the cops in town were dicks.
  11. Ha, well the time I dealt with em they found bud and I got off the hook no problem. And people I talk to say similar stories. Just trying to give some relevant input :B
  12. I looked on and it sounded like they're pretty strict and the cops are dicks.. also it made it seem like mississippi is full of regs so i guess im gunna have to stock up on dank before I go.
  13. Peoples ideas of decriminalization are somewhat skewed. In comparison to some northern states, they are still hardlining the issue but when compared to some other southern states, it may appear to be decriminalized.

  14. Basically Mississippi is an odd apple in the south. But before Reagan turned shit upside down. Support goes up in 1970s, and then it goes slightly down and stays there through the 90s.
    U.S. Support for Legalizing Marijuana Reaches New High
  15. They can still send you to jail for a roach....just saying.

  16. Apparently they can't

  17. I lived in a college town in Mississippi I got caught hotboxing my car TWICE by the same cop and was let off with a warning both times. I have heard stories from people who were in the same situation as I. They have bigger and better shit to worry about.

  18. It's like that in every non decrim state. And they can't send you to jail for the first offense in Mississippi.
  19. OP you going to Ole Miss or Ms State?
  20. University of southern miss

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