Decriminalize Marijuana- Op Ed LA Times

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Mist425, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Wow great article!!

    But it should be called "Legalize Marijuana".

    Decrim would prove as harmful as prohibition.

    Only legalization of the production and sale of marijuana to adults is capable of ending the
    17 murders that're committed every day by the cartels.
  2. I think a lot of people, even supporters, don't understand the distinction between legalization and decriminalization; they view them as synonyms. Based on what he said in the article I'm pretty sure this guy is talking about legalization.
  3. Sure, decrim may be 'the next step' but its in no way a sollution to the problem, it would probably just stall full legalization rather then help, because people could still be arrested for cultivating, and large ammounts and such, decrim right now only means you cant be arrested for small first time possesion. I think every state just needs to have medical at least. Then people would just classify people who do it recreationally as people who abuse prescription drugs illegally, though much less dangerous/harmful, but in the long run full legalization for all purposes would be best, except companies wouldnt make money selling it becaus its a plant that anyone can grow, but they could make money on selling products for growing and cultivating. And it sounds from the article they want legalziation not decriminalization, so you wouldnt be labeled a "criminal", it still would not be legal

  4. I agree, alot of people that I hear advocating decriminalization don't know the difference between decrim and legalization. Decriminalization would help stop regular smokers from going to jail, but it doesn't solve any of the bigger problems like dealers dealing to kids, or cartels profiting from marijuana sale.

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