Decriminalize in New Jersey

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    The ONE response to this article is this:
    Come on guys, take 5 minutes out of your day and write a little bit about how WRONG this opinion is, and how it's about time NJ joints all the other east coast states in decriminalizing marijuana.
  2. There are more pressing issues going on in the world today than decriminalizing a drug.

    If you want to do something take some time out of your day and write to your senator about the budget cuts going on today.

  3. Yeah, i do agree but ending the "war on drugs" would save billions of dollars and probably increase the economy in the process.
  4. The majorty of the time I spend looking at the news is national and international issues.

    But this is my state, and something I can do on the local level that would benefit me personally, and my state. So it may not be as significant to the world as budget cuts or debt ceiling debates, but dammit it's important to me and I can take 5 minutes out of my day for something I find important and I'm sure there's plenty of other people who could take 5 minutes out of their day to.
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    The response quoted in your post was satirical, and it's author supports decriminalization.
  6. So it's passed but it still has to go through gov. Christie's desk right? Which I know he vetoed.
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    ^ hate to say he's right, but he is. Christy is the reason you still don't have any MMJ dispensaries in NJ. They've officially been an MMJ state for several years now, but he's blocking anyone that tries to open a dispensary. So, you can get the card, but you still can't buy pot... Legally. :rolleyes:

    In fact, already found it...

    He's in big pharmas pocket, they bribe him to fight any sort of legal marijuana use tooth and nail. What else do you expect?

  8. Still have a long way to go. Christie is your typical statist. No more, no less

    N.J. doctors sign up 50 patients for medical marijuana program |

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