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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by aeroblurg, Aug 2, 2001.

  1. i dont work with NORML i just donate. mabe i should get in touch with the st louis team. see what else i can do to help.
  2. Yes Yes! Good idea! NORML is a good thing. It has been around for 30 years or so. They are well respected and have a very good lobbyist in DC. That's where the fighting's taking place. We need to get back to states rights in America instead of having this one all powerful federal government. Let the people decide. And if you don't like being around people who smoke weed, then move to another state where it's still illegal if it bothers you that much. We need a vote by the people, state for state, that is binding. In NY, the people are not allowed to put a binding referendum on the ballot. It has to be a politician. It kind of sucks.
  3. Well, I work with NORML, in NYC. It is tough going here with marijuana. There were 63,000+ arrests in NYC last year for marijuana (that's 175+ people a day!). Well, it's time for a change. America has got to get with it. The rest of the civilized world seems to be turning the corner for decriminalization. Plus weed prices are just too high (no pun intended) here! I actually believe the reason marijuana is not legal is that republicans know that if you smoke it you become a democrat. There's been stranger conspirancys.

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  4. You literally just replied to a 12 year old thread.

    Holy shit.

    -Red Dog

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    So did you.
  6. and so did you
  7. I feel like i'm in a time machine! lol. 
    OP it should be decriminalized!  :bongin:
  8. Decriminalising weed is pointless in my opinion, you will still have to deal with the black market and also keeps money going into it. If laws were gonna change, it should go straight to legalisation and regulation.

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