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  1. I'm pretty new to the City and I love it. I love how MJ brings people from All different kind of backgrounds together. One thing lately has been bothering me more than anything. The Criminalization of MJ. I know that certain key people have been fighting this war against MJ for quite some time and with lots to loose. I guess what i'm trying to express is the fact that MJ users in the U.S. has to be a significant number.

    Now, I'm no political mastermind at all so bare with me. Let's just say for shits and giggles that in the US there are probaly 500k to 1 mil Marijuana users over the age of 18, whether it be recreational or daily. Out of that 1 Million users 500k of them are loyal to MJ and would do something to help Decriminalize MJ Together, as a group. 500,000 People. That's alot of votes. Any politician would love to get their hands on 500k votes. Anybody else on the same page? I just feel like the decriminalization of MJ in all of the U.S. is close, so close, all we need is a peaceful little army of voters, some lobbyists and stuff like that. Yall let me know what you think and if you have any feasible plans plz express them.
  2. lol, ok

    What you fail to realize is that getting the vote of pit users requires you to give up all the votes of non-pot users....which is a massive majority.

    cliff notes : you lose, sorry man :(
  3. Actually there are about 10+ million pot users in the US.

    Jimmy Carter made it known that he was going to decriminalize it and he got voted in.

    Then he didn't decriminalize it.

    It's not as close as you think, although it's moving in the right direction. Major players such as the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Medicine industries are still funding it's criminalization, and they have super deep pockets and probably own quite a few people in high places, so until corruption is removed from politics, it will be illegal.
  4. im sure you have a credible source to back up that 10+ million figure, right?
  5. I would guess much higher then 10 million..

    theres approx 225 million in the US.....think about it ...

    Most smokers have reached ages that are not favorable to be going to jail because they love to smoke. People with families an hard earned educations, an careers have to smoke at home, an keep a low profile...Unfortunately its not PC to have fun an smoke alittle weed like it was in my day..

    The current laws can easily ruin a person male or female over the age of 21...So publically being an activist is a very expensive proposal.

    Theres prolly 10 million smokers under 21 that could rally an march or whatever is the thing to do publically these days.....But...I dont see the unity or commitment in the age group to have enough power to make any difference.

    Im still predicting the 60's and 70's generations will be the group that finally gets some kind of resolution concerning Marijuana laws.

    That will happen simply by the natural change of leadership in lawmakers positions that come over time...We the people...can make a difference...We just have to wait until enough of "like" thinkers are in power positions to see the fruits from years of hating the lie.....People over 40 know the real deal an dont buy into the crap. We are sick of seeing hard working 99% law abiding citizens losing their families, jobs, homes, and FREEDOMS. Over that 1 % broken rule of smoking an illegal plant...We have many other reasons to spend that DEA supported tax Money on more important healthcare....

    Times are achanging.... it has no choice..

    one a presidental election the "peoples" vote is meaningless...

    the electoral college decides the the states electors are free to change their vote without any thought of what their state decides...thats right...

    MY point Pro pot people in to local/state offices thats were it day when they make it to the senate or congress...then they can make a diff...
  6. Here's some graphs:

    25 million have used it in the last year.

    96 million have used it in there lifetimes.

    In most places, the ratio of people who smoke is about 1 in 10. In Boston it's 1 in 8.

    I'm to messed up right now to explain things well, but the electorial college thing is actually both a good idea and they always vote the same as the state. They can't just vote the opposite of what their state pop. vote is. That's bunk.
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    Anyway, everything I've learned about pot is from Google. In fact I'd say I've learned more things using Google than any textbook.
  9. I got 2005 Time almanac for 4 bucks yesterday and it states:

    as of year 2002 (Those 12 years of age and older)

    % of americans who have ever used marijuana/hash = 40.4%

    % current users = 6.2%

    Thats a lot more than 1 million, let me look up population of US... 293,027,571 people (minus those 11 years of age and older... so lets guess that thats 75 million?) =

    X 6.2% = 13,517,709 current users of marijuana/hash

    X 40.4% = 88,083,138 people who have ever used marijuana/hash

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  10. thanks for the credible source Duhka. But how did you estimate that 75million figure? I have no idea what it really would be, but my assumption is more than that. The almanac should say, right?
  11. I still like to believe that this country is for the Citizens. What some of you people fail to realize is NOTHING will get done if people don't come together for a Common cause. We ALL feel that criminally charging someone for smoking or possessing marijuana is retarded and wrong. And Yes it does Ruin people's lives when they have to goto jail and have a record just because they had a joint in the ashtray when they got pulled over. So what are we gonna do to help out future generations like my son? I'll tell you, Nothing! Just like someone said earlier....

    "Theres prolly 10 million smokers under 21 that could rally an march or whatever is the thing to do publically these days.....But...I dont see the unity or commitment in the age group to have enough power to make any difference. " - Guy from 70's

    That about sums it up right there. We Could do something, We can do something, but we won't. We'll just sit back and let our Marijuana Rights Leaders do all the work and jail time.

  12. I wish everyone thought that way... but unfortunatly if it comes down to a popular vote, there are a lot of areas where more people vote prohibition than decriminalization, as sad as that is.
  13. indeed. the sad thing is, people are too afraid/lazy to get together in one large group. I was thinking of getting the total number of loyal pot smokers to just spend a weekend protesting the whitehouse. thats a lot of protestors. also check out
  14. Not sure who left me bad rep, but im not crushing anyones dreams, just bringing some reality back into the picture.

    Do I think it will be decriminalized one day? Of course, but im not going to be telling people it will be easy.

    oh and @ guy from the 70s. If the people didnt vote, how would the president get elected? Hmm, I would have expected someone younger to day something like that...
  15. [quote name='.

    oh and @ guy from the 70s. If the people didnt vote, how would the president get elected? Hmm, I would have expected someone younger to day something like that...[/QUOTE']

    your no fun at ALL.....because Im an old smart ass I post alil bullshit time to time just to see how many people did their homework

    Im bored an its fun to stir shit once in a while....lets makes me feel young...maybe thats why I do it.,...
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