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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Faceman, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Dunno if this is the right section but, is there a site or something i can find out if weed is decriminalized in my state (massachusetts)?
  2. Google is your friend man. Yes it is.
  3. i live in massachusetts and yeah its decriminalized if you have under a ounch and are caught u pay a 100 dollar fine if your over 18 if under then its a 1000 dollar fine and you have to take drug classes however if you get caught with over a ounch im pretty sure u still can get jail time
  4. sweet this is good news haha
  5. yeah still you should try to stay away from cops like normal cus even tho its decriminalized its still no legal so yeah its never good if cops find out
  6. If you still have to pay fines for marijuana possession, its not decriminalized.
  7. lol yeah it is decriminalized in the sense that you cant go to jail for it anymore it was on the massachusetts ballet on weather marijuana should be decriminalized or not and like 70% of the voters said yes lol
  8. Ya it is, you just don't get criminal charges. It's like a parking ticket. Still illegal, but de-criminalized.
  9. decriminilized just means that there is no more minimum sentencing (like there used to be in MA for one year). Under an ounce and your good, but i don't think its until January 5 because it's 30 days to verify results, and then 30 for law to take affect. So watch out until then.
  10. yeah what u said lol but even after january 5th i would still watch out it would suck paying a fine
  11. Yeah... Don't wanna get caught period. But if you do $100 is much better than prison and a fine. Also, it could be a good thing to say to the parents if you get caught by them... "It's not like i could goto jail for it.. i never have more than an ounce"
  12. yeah but still if you dont want your parents finding out not getting in trouble with the law decriminalized or not is a good way for them not to find out period lol

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