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decriminalisation.. the wrong way to go

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by willabong_BC, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. in vancouver.. even the people who are really serious and involved in trying to legalize it, are trying to do it under the pretense of it being medicine. these people arent sick, and they smoke mad chron.. but this is one of their cornerstones.. weed shouldnt be legalized for its medicinal uses (although they are completely valid), it should be done cus theres nothing wrong with it..
    sure it makes you stupid..
    but so does primer.. haha

    all spelling mistakes are intentio
  2. i agree that there is nothing bad or wrong about weed. I smoke on average a 1/4 a day. it has made me stupider and slower, but i dont mind. life is too short to worry about that shit. btw willabong i live in alberta, and my bud man gets shiz from bc, i gotta say that bc bud is the best for me cuz i can get it so much easier than any other shit.. peace yall and keep puffin
  3. I agree but the reason they try to legalize it for medical use is it's more logical for it to be legalized that way. One step at a time, you know? Once that is taken care of (all over) then you move on asking for recreational legalization. It's legal here in Cali for medical reasons already.
  4. We can drink man made booze, but we cant smoke gods plants. Here man has created this leathal drink, and god has created this harmless plant, and we cant even smoke it. Something is wring with the canadian goverenment. How much money could the goverenment make off selling marijuana ?? Millions, upon billions.

    Booze kills more people a year, then marijuana kills in a decade.

    I am all for the legalization of marijiuana! I puff approx half a quarter a day, and I enjoy it. I work hard, and play even harder. In the down time, I enjoy smoking a few bowls. I hate drinking, the hang overs and just the feeling of not being in control of yourself. Marijuana does not do that to you, I know when I am snipped out of my mind, I still know whats going on around me, where as drunks can just be plain annoying.
  5. Booze kills more people in an hour than marijuana has killed in an eternity.

  6. Exactly. w0rd.
  7. No, weed should be decriminalized medicinally and recreationally. Just because people get high doesn't mean you should ignore it's medical values, the two need to be debated separately. Victimization needs to stop, people are going to jail for a plant.

    Even if they're going in the med direction, it's better than straight prohibition.
  8. The term "decriminalization" doesn't necessarily refer to medical bud only. What it means is gradually reducing criminal penalties for marijuana possession, for example making it only punishable by a small citation instead of arresting people.... and maybe someday having legal regulations on marijuana. Even in places like Amsterdam, weed is still technically illegal for recreational use, they just don't enforce the laws whatsoever and therefore it's considered "decriminalized". The cops don't have the right to search you, and they don't pursue marijuana busts at all. The difference is that legalization tends to emphasize making it immediately and completely legal, something that isn't very realistic or practical. I think our best shot is through decriminalization, which has already started to happen even in the U.S..... States like California and Colorado not only have legalized medical use, but are on their way to reduced penalties for recreational use. Once other states follow them, decriminalization might be considered a more legitimate federal issue. And it definitely needs to be a federal issue.... we can't have some states with legal weed and some who are very against it, especially with the DEA operating on a federal level. The problem is that in some more conservative states (especially in the southeast) the majority of the people definitely don't want decriminalization... if anything they want more laws against weed. So it's going to be a while before people come together to support decriminalization on a national level. Everyone is misinformed by the government's lies, and need to be given more truthful information. I don't live in Canada, but I would imagine it's the same situation up there.... people are too adamantly divided on the issue.
  9. It's people like u who give Cannabis a bad name... kill yourself, please

    Kill yourself? Comments like this are not welcome at the City. *RMJL

  10. I hope you are joking. What right they have to tell us what to do if we hurt nobody? Weed has nothing to do with people being stupid. If it would be legal there would be no such thing like being "dry" and everyone would be happy. Everythig should be legal after all. Guns dont kill people. People kill people.
  11. QFT and sigged.
  12. Peoples bodies are found in the woods over 2 lbs. Weed isnt harmless. Its harmless to smoke but dont kid yourself that gang's and such dont get money from weed. Weed doesnt get as much profit but your not doing life for 10 lbs of weed hence why alot of people sell it. Someone in Pittsburgh just got stabbed over a 1/4. A 1/4 of an ounce. 40$. 40 double cheesburgers on the dollar menu is what he was reduced to after he died. Thats all he was worth is 40$ to that other guy.
  13. Yeah cosumption wise but no one ever gets shot for beating someone on thier 40 oz.
  14. Marijuana doesn't kill people, the marijuana prohibition does!
  15. The reason there is violence is because of prohibition. That mentality is what the feds want. I guess no one learned anything from Alcohol prohibition.
  16. sorry dude, that only happens because it's illegal. You said it yourself, this was all over money, not weed. As long as there's the disillusioned poor, there's going to be violence over money. And sorry, lots of people were killed over booze. It was called prohibition.

    Medical bud is great, but abuse of the system in Cali makes it look realllyy bad. Also, using Medical Marijuana as a stepping stone towards legalization is sort of like tricking the public to me. Very many people are already against medical mary because of that fact alone, they think it's a tool towards full legalization. Convincing them, making people understand why it shouldn't be illegal would get it done a lot faster and permanently imo.
  17. Not only does the prohibition cause all the problems related to marijuana but it returns no benefits back to society. Everytime a person gets busted for marijuana, doesn't matter if it's for tokin' on a joint or growing half a hillside, no one in society benefits.

    It isn't like arresting people for breaking into houses, or for murder, or tax evasion, marijuana arrests don't benefit a single member of society, smoker or nonsmoker. Nonsmokers bear the brunt of the prohibition's costs, but don't benefit in any way from the costs they're forced to pay. In fact, the only people who benefit from the prohibition are the prohibitionists themselves; their jobs, their very livelihoods, depend on the indefinite perpetuation of the prohibition.

    Attacking the prohibition on many fronts is a great idea, demanding medical marijuana, demanding recreational use, demanding legal hemp all get the message across that marijuana is safe and contains real benefits to society. Every new approach is something new the DEA has to fight against, and lies they can tell in one area don't necessarily make any sense in another.

    The real focus however should be the damage the prohibition is causing to nonusers. If we can open the eyes of large numbers of nonusers to the costs they're paying for the prohibition and the absolute lack of benefits they receive then they'll be motivated to join the call for ending the prohibition, not for our benefit but for their own.

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