Decriminalisation or legalisation ?

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    Which would you prefer to happen and why? I personally would rather have it decriminalised as if it's legalised it will be taxed the shit out of and if they do let us grow we would definitely have to pay a large tax fee.
  2. Legalized. Won't have to worry about u.a for better job position.
  3. Legal... For so many reasons. If this plant was Federally legal and State legal it would lower our tax burden. A huge portion of our law enforcement budget, on all levels is dedicated solely to marijuana. I am talking Hundreds of Billions of dollars. Remember that war on drugs, the one they used to justify the sell of military grade equipment to local police departments? The budgetary focus of that war has always been marijuana. Meaning those officers on your block with riot gear and a tank, only have that because you like to smoke a plant. If it is only decriminalized they still get that stuff to go after the distributors. Legalized it frees up a great big chunk of our federal budget. And then will bring more revenue into our country than the pharmaceutical industry. Our largest industry, one that monopolizes all the drugs in the world. Seriously, our Drug Companies are unrivaled and the legalization of marijuana will dwarf them. But as a consequence another industry will take a big hit. The number one buyer of guns and military equipment is the US. We run an extremely large surplus, at all times. Out of that surplus we supply law enforcement and foreign interests. Like Isis and Al Queda, before they became our enemies. But hey now they are enemies we get to buy more guns... So if the demand suddenly goes down because the war on drugs loses 92 % of its budget. A bubble, like the housing bubble will burst. Only it won't be so bad, in fact if the military bubble bursts a new industry gold rush (marijuana) will soften the impact, and provide lots of jobs to absorb the unemployment blow back. More jobs than we will be losing. Law enforcement will be faced with a choice, military hardware or employees. You will see more local cops and less riot gear and auto weapons. Then we will start seeing additional revenue freed up when the prison industry collapses. An industry that can freely die without affecting jobs.The war on drugs began in earnest with Reagan. His biggest supporters were in the Prison Industry and the Gun Industry. With that war ended hundreds of billions are freed up to spend on something else. Like treatment for drug addiction, in Portugal they Completely Legalized all drugs. And then started offering addiction treatment. Guess what it worked they have the lowest addiction and drug use rate of any first world country per capita. You see all of this will happen because making weed illegal in the first place was about controlling unwanted portions of the population. A practice that turned into large industries.... Nobody wants to pay more for pot, and a tax on all pot after its legal would suck. Although after its legalized the sudden rush of people jumping on the new industry will drive production up and prices down. Even with the tax you will eventually be paying less than your are now. With respect to inflation. Now as it stands, both sides republican and democrat are tied up with the industries that will be hurt by the legalization of Marijuana. That's why it takes a guy like Bernie, who takes public donations vs. private donations to take a stance for legalizing weed. And this is only touching on the positive effects this will have on our economy. It already is our number 1 cash crop, while being illegal. Its a top 5 import and export. Once legal it will be number 1 export and import. This is good for inflation, oh so good. And it would take Canada's existing cannabis industry and turn it into a world player. The kind that influences small countries economies with arbitrary decisions. Then there is the environmental boon. A few years back in Maine, they decided to test the air at all the airports. Results came back as expected, planes are bad for air quality. Except for one airport. The air there was nearly to pure to breath. Turns out a guy was growing a huge field of weed right next to the airport. Trees currently produce the worlds oxygen supply, and for some dumb reason we are cutting those trees down. Hemp and marijuana produce more oxygen than trees. The math just adds up there. Takes months to grow Cannabis, and years to grow a tree. There are also secondary effects, already pioneers in growing cannabis have created methods of growing food that surpass anything a farm could do. Using techniques invented by pot growers trying to maximize grows and minimize risk of exposure, 500 acres of food could be grown in a medium size factory year round. This one plant could benefit humanity so much, on so many levels. If only it were legal!
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  4. I think Cannabis should be treated equally to other medicinal herbs in the world.
  5. I think legalizing marijuana and decriminilazing everything else is there proper way to go. Putting money towards rehab facilities rather than towards prisons could change a lot.
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  6. Fully legal.
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  8. Ultimately, for me its about freedom. If we truly live in a free nation then the government should not even have the right to say if a grown adult can or cannot use a natural plant. They should be free to grow their own medicine if they so choose to do so. Anything short of that is not true freedom in my opinion. So I say legalize
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  10. Legalise it - don't criticise it! (Pete Tosh)
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  11. Depends on how they plan to regulate. If limited numbers of grow licenses are given out for legalization it creates a monopoly for the rich to get in on the biggest market and capitalize on biggest industry opening up in recent times.
    Also how strict will testing of buds be? Will it be so strict small scale growers cant afford it? The rich want to cut all the little guys out and keep the profits for themselves. Tobacco is already lobbying these strict regulations with eciggs trying to crush all these mom n pop shops cutting into their profits.
    And unless all states are on same page it will lower legal state prices amd illegal states will have increased black market smuggling and prices.
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  12. Its kind of funny either way i guess, states trying to cut out black market have actually given them more power. Some despensaries, grows, even grow stores i know are backed, run, or operated by black market organized crime, they already have the $ to start and back it up now theyre legally operating.
    Just proves how bad prohibition really is i guess
  13. LEGALIZATION needs to happen asap!!! Who's got the date when that's gonna happen?!?!?

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  14. Decriminalization has different levels of allowing another to decide your fate; it could be as simple as their demanding a Tax stamp and leaving you alone, or it could be as extreme as demanding you pay a hefty fine and attempt Drug interaction Counseling to have them let go of your life; Fascists love Decriminalization as it allows them to be the Rule creators and deciders.

    Legalization ends the discussion; oh don't get me wrong... here in Colorado the wannabe fascists continue to refuse to accept the outcome of Amendment 64 and seek additional requirements on what is a LEGAL plant.
  15. If the plant you are growing is "LEGAL" and that was the definition of the intent of Amendment 64... where in the discussion does one's growing 100 plants somehow become illegal? We are still having this discussion. It really is and remains so a Logic item.
  16. I say legalize. There are too many levels of decriminalization possible. I live in NC which is supposedly a decriminalized state. However, decriminalization only applies to possession of small amounts for personal use. Though decriminalized, the possession of a small amount is still a crime that will result in fines. Cultivation at any level what so ever is still a felony. Therefore, NC's current idea of decriminalization is a complete joke.

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  17. Full legalization is the way to go. Sometimes, you have to take baby steps to get to the desired outcome.

    Oregon first decriminalized, then medical, now recreational. I think many states might have to go that route.

    In an ideal world, it would not only be fully legal, but unregulated. Unfortunately, whenever money is involved, states feel they are entitled to it.

    It might take another generation to pass before prohibition end in the USA.
  18. Fascists never want to admit they lost the War on weed.

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