Decrim Price drop in MA?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Relaxxxxx, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. So it's general knowledge that MMJ states have the cheapest weed, then decriminalized states, then straight up illegal states. Since the decriminalization of marijuana in Massachusetts, prices haven't dropped at all. Ohio, and other decrim. states have much lower prices. Will Massachusetts follow suit eventually? I hope so. $60 8ths and $100 1/4s are burning a hole in my pocket.
  2. Yea... I aint noticed any price drop either, wasn't really expectin one though.
  3. I wasn't really expecting one either, but after getting zooted and thinking about how it's cheaper in other decriminalized states, i started to get my hopes up.
  4. I've gotten $45 and $50 1/8ths in MA. But I always spend 60$ cuz I like and have some loyalty to a particular dealer (her buds are great and consistent, usually specific strain).
  5. That is unfortunate, but give it a year or two. I am certain prices will drop given the time allowed for " development " .
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    prices should most likely drop by next harvest.
  7. ^^^ LOL oh ya, they will drop by next harvest. And i'm Tony Danza!
  8. Decriminalizing does nothing except free up the cops time.

    There hasn't been the slightest drop in price since that happened.

    The supply is still the same and the demand is still the same. Just now the cops dont give a shit about kids smoking dimes and selling eighths.
  9. If you guys are paying that much in MA then you don't have good connections. Street value is almost always 20/g 55-60/slice anywhere for dank to medical quality. If you meet the right people though expect to pay no more than 280-300 an oz for the same stuff, its all about who you know
  10. New york has been decrim since like the 70s and i pay 60 for 1/8th of dank. I dont think itll fall for you much

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