Decreased finnish through stress!

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  1. I have one of the best strains in the world and through many many months and a few accidents I have now made the strain a killer with reduced finish time down to 52 days.. Bio on strain is 65 to 70 days and well all I can say is I got lucky and must have a green thumb.. I made my system and picked the most state of the art one the first time without even knowing it.. Doing it all myself though brought many issues but those issues resolved through reading and experiance have brought me now to heaven.. My strain, which will remain nameless except to say I bought them through Serious, is right at 22.5 thc. The buds are huge, resin covered, and well off 5 plants in a very small area I pulled 7 oz's per plant last round.. Now I say I have this wired. Anyone want to know the details may inquire. I don't want to f around with all the idiots I used to encounter on these sites though so only good growers, and good questions will get responses. I mean I have read so much bs on these sites, and some from well respected "site" specific posters, that I can't even begin to tell you. One had his post saying he started clones at 2000ppm and took them to over 3k ppm.. Total bs and waste of good nutes and $. U never need go over 850 and I can prove that. Also if you do and your strains may just revert to veg in a way meaning high nutes at the wrong time can reduce already existing trics.. Done that a couple times too.. Ok then just wanted to share., I have gotten good advice on some sites so I felt the need to give back just a little.. Yes I had other posts just a new me and a new screen name.. Ciao.:hello:
  2. why are you afraid to post strain name?
  3. Oooo, everybody check out my knowledge. I'm not gonna give details or strain names, but i will talk about how badass of a grower I am. please take my word for it.

    Pics or it didn't happen homie.

    Ps. Why not share your knowledge openly with everyone on here? I think n00bs might need it a little bit more than those of us who have grown for a while, our at least don't be so elitist and dickish about it.

    happy growing.
  4. im thinking he was someone with either bad rep, or everyone hated him so he made a new account and tried to make himself sound like a badass. lol

  5. i love blasting my strain with nutes. right now at 6 1/2 weeks of 12/12 i am dosing with up to 1500 ppm. My strain just loves it. i also can get them to maturity very quickly by keeping temps around 80-85, and by using co2 injection.
    oh and my strain is called the super, the result of many years of breeding by a fellow local grower.

    any pics of your ladies? mine in are samsons thread in the link in my sig.
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    :wave:That is why I don't post pics and or try to help.. Idiots like this fool are so jealous or just an ass that I can't even pat myself while trying to say what I have acheived. If people can't say that what they have done is great then well whatever.. I also have great advice on lights, RM, stretch reducing techniques, bugs, temps, (lots of bs on that one) water changes, ect ect ect. I have a trick that allows me to go without changing my 55 gallone rez, 35gals used, ever really. I have changed it out one time in last 3 grows and never had the tubes empty of plants. No disease, no issues, and I have tried all the myths like dark period at harvest, flushing, H2O2 use, cloning just about everything you can think of I have f up and come out the other side smelling like skunks and pine. But I am so done when I get this kind of crap from pricks so everyone just suck on it because I would not help here again if you paid me... I tried to give some great advice and was open to helping but again blame the pricks...... If only you knew.. BYE drug addicts.. Remember smoking weed is just like any other drug it can't make you stupid if you smoke it all the time, you just were and that is why you do!!!!! :wave:

  7. nooooo! Please give me tips, I take it all back and pay my utmost respects to your ambiguous advice.
    I don't know if I can live without you...can we still be friends?

    take your trollish threads and gtfo.

  8. so does most stickies...

  9. I must be in the wrong classroom, where is "absolute beginners"?
  10. wow, this guy needs a hug.
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    How do you know if you didnt let this go to 65/70 days it would have been even more 'killer' ? Did you grow another one alongside it and let that go to 65+ days to compare them and didnt notice one bit of differnce between the two?

    Also, can you elaborate a bit more on what exactly you did to achieve this ? You cant just say 'stress'.

    What exactly is stress i ask?

    How do you know its 22.5 thc ? Did you get a magic thc meter with that state of the art kit of yours ?

    And i also dont get why '' the strain will remain nameless'' :confused:

    White russian... Shit, did i say that out loud ?
  12. I have taken a big bud from day 50 everyday till 73 on one grow and so I have them dialed in. My stress was by accident and the reason I won't and did not say what those are is because of the assholes that I don't want to get the best knowledge. I have never read this and I read everything so it is now only I who will ever know. You can at least think! Good hints get good guesses but you will never figure my way because it was accidental as many great finds are... I had my strain tested the only way thc can be. Free! A friend judges the cup every single year and they took my bud and I got a lucky free test. Yes right at 22%. But alas the assholes make it bad for everyone here.. I have no reason to lie and well no reason now to share.. The pot head children should not be on these sites. Sorry. I could really not care less about he insults either but I worked damn hard and got lucky and the little computer box growers that want to insult can just keep to their little bs and I will move on. Sorry but I am never coming back to this site. To many children.. Watch them come out to play after this... Bye kids.................:smoke:

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    That reminds me of my first grow. I stressed my plants by pissing in the rez everyday for a month. The thc level was 30 percent. I know because my friend smoked it and said, wow this must be 30 percent thc. Also you have to drink a gallon of oj a day or your urine will not have the proper ph level.
  14. dear greenonetwo,
    maybe you should delete this since it conflicts with grasscity's rules of the forum, more importantly section 14. Trolling is not tolerated. This includes posting arguments, flames or personal attacks for no other purpose than to annoy other members or disrupt a discussion.
    so yeah, dont be a flamer or we will tell the admins to ban you for being an asshat!
  15. Bye ! :wave: ....<cough, wanker, cough>
  16. lol what a fucking joke.
  17. Whether the OP is full of bs or not we will never know because you folks dissed him from the start. I don't know where this thread would have gone otherwise, but you guys just turned it into a pissing contest to see who could make the smarter quip at someone else's expense.

    If you don't believe what this guy says, then ask fact-related questions, as some of you did, instead of belittling as so many others chose.

    I too would like to see pics and other "proof." But beyond that, to the OP if he's still here, I have to say I don't really understand the point of your post. Bragging, yes -- which can be OK if you can back it up, but you had to expect people will want to see the proof. It seems your main point was this:
    Only problem is: what did you give back? Some PPM advice as a comeback to one nameless poster on some unspecified other thread? Without a description of the kind of grow (which would matter greatly in giving PPM advice)? I don't see you offering anything other than a story about your grow, no advice here.

    And just how did you measure the THC levels from your plants?
  18. Problem is he came in with that attitude. Asked for it really.

    Hey guys, i got some really fucking awesome secret, but unless you grovel at my feet and beg, i wont share it with you . And if any of you have a problem with that, your just jealous and then i wont tell anyone.

    Does that make any fucking sense? I dont want any advice from a dickslobber like that.
  19. Possibly. But I've learned a lot in my life from extremely arrogant people, even flat-out assholes, when I was willing to put aside first impressions and just listen. Not that every bombastic person is worth listening to, but neither are they all worth rejecting. So like I said, factual questioning rather than personal insults will benefit me, and all, the most.

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