Declaration of "War"

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  1. HEY there, all. :smoking:

    Pardon me while I bang the bong-a-gong-ong before I get rollin'.

    <hits one>

    This has been building my whole life, so please hear me out.

    I was born to a pair of late 60's-era hippies. Mom divorced dad when I was 3 because now that they had two kids, she figured they needed a more stable lifestyle, and he disagreed. I don't really blame either of them. Point is, I grew up dirt poor and bouncing from place to place my whole childhood as a result.

    I never knew a town for longer than six months, never knew a friend longer than three. I was too smart for living in a small town, and too naive to know what to do about it. I was small, scrawny, and had glasses, and I was always the "new kid".

    Do the math.

    So .. NOW, who I am .. is this: I'm a 38 year old man with his own place. My IQ has never really been measured, but is very high, as is my imagination quotient. I'm angry, frustrated, and underpaid in a dead-end job at a local supermarket that I've worked at for the past three years with the hope of being promoted once I'd "proved myself" to the system once again. And you know what?
    I just got suspended without pay for blowing up at a young coworker when she acted RESENTFUL towards me asking her (for the 40th time this month) to do the job she's being F***ING PAID TO DO. I'd been without sleep for 36 hours trying to deal with various aspects of my own life, but that's an excuse, not a reason. I shouldn't have blown up at her. But she's been slacking for SIX MONTHS, and no action has been taken against HER. So ...

    The dark place in me says "Let's burn the motherf***in' place to the ground and go find a new job."

    But that's not who I am.

    I want to be Harvy Dent, not "Two-Face".

    So I'm gonna drop outta the system. Here's my resume:

    38, been in jail once, clean record

    Former U.S. Air Force, Computer Programmer, Top Secret project, and no I'm not gonna tell anyone which one or what it involved other than to say that I did high-level assembly code, C, and object-oriented C++ work.

    I have a clean driving record, a Kawasaki ZX-9R motorcycle, and a helmet.

    I don't own a gun, or plan on buying one, but I do know how to use a sword, and I've studied a little Sorju Karate Do, dabbled in Thai Kickboxing, and read "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do" so many times it's a bit dog-eared. I'm outta shape at the moment, but that can be corrected.

    If you wish to contact me, you can email, and I will set up encryption with Pretty Good Privacy (a piece of military-grade encryption software, freely available on the 'Net).

    I am intentionally dropping out of the system, and declaring WAR on the "war on drugs". I'm gonna be a drug-runner, but I will NOT carry anything but MJ, phychadellics, and mushrooms.

    Discuss? :devious:
  2. Sounds like you had a bad day, Just smoke your worries away :smoking::smoke::bongin:

    also, im not sure the internet is the best place to be talking about stuff like this... looking for a trafficking job is something you should do off your computer, where everyone in the world can't see it.
  3. One, you apparently didn't read the whole post, since I declared at the beginning that this had been building my whole life.

    Two, you apparently are a moron, since you missed the reference to PGP, so I will hereby ignore the rest of your posts on this thread. Thank you for bothering to reply at all.

    Keep on tokin'! :D:smoking:

  4. woah man, wasn't that a bit uncalled for?
  5. If you wanna make some money easy with good, pretty enjoyable work (at least enjoyable for me) Get A+ PC tech certafied. Can start at around 30 dollars an hour, with people who respect you and value your opinion and trust you to fix their computers. If you work for yourself make that 60 bucks an hour.
  6. PGP will protect the content of your emails, but if you are not also obfuscating your IP address with something like a trusted out of the country proxy (I do not trust ANY of them) or better yet a tool like Tor ( then you just potentially screwed yourself. It would not take much to trace your IP address if some enterprising young Federal Agent happened to see your post here declaring your intentions.

    You probably already know to use a throwaway email address that you DIDN'T use your primary address to register with, and that you created from the above mentioned obfuscated connection.

    Good luck to you. Be safe and make sure you cover all of your tracks. If there is a trace of information that can be traced back to you and they decide to look then they will find you.
  7. Thank you very much.

    That post is the kind of response I have been praying for.


    To just lay some 'whom you're speaking with' groundwork, both for this thread and for the Forums in general (I'm new to both), I'm..
    . 38 yrs old, Male, ≈ 5'9" and ≈180lbs (could stand to loose 10).
    . . I used to be a computer programmer (in C and C++) for the U.S. Air Force.

    . . .
    I'm currently in a dead-and job and am searching for something better. Drug running is a serious possibility, but the whole POINT OF THIS POST was to let "the man" know who I am, that I smoke pot, and that if they're not careful, I will be shooting BACK SOMEDAY. Not today, not next week, not next year. But someday.

    . . . . I recently changed apartments, bought a motorcycle, and am feeling positive about life in general.
  8. .. and that is a reasonable alternative solution to the aforementioned "base problem". :devious:

    Bravo, and thank you, Pinball. Yours has been the most valued post yet on my "hello" thread. Want a "friend" invite? :cool:
  9. Maybe.

    Given the fact that after the day I'd had, I wanted to lure somebody drunk out of a bar, pick a fight, and beat them bloody after they'd taken the first swing ...

    Given that that was my state of mind for most of the two days prior to layin' down the first post ..?

    I'd say my response was dead-on.

    Discussion on that subject is welcomed, but that's my opinion.

    <lights up a 'coffin nail' and goes on to another thread for a while>
  10. Education is Everything!

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