decission to make... shroomage or herbage..

Discussion in 'General' started by Smoken Souljah, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. well well... summer is upon us... and i have stumbled aross a qp of shrooms, by far, absolutley, the best shrooms ive ever come across, bar none, period... now... demand, for some reason in my town.... right now, is at an all time low for booms... i can't "give" them away to get some $ to buy my summer stash of pot.... and im thinking... fuck it...

    should i keep a qp of shrooms myself and just trip my fucking summer away... ( im coming around to the idea of possible psychadelic self-therapy... i ate like a qauter of shrooms a few weeks (2-4) and i honest to god, felt like at the end of it, i came out for the better, and i was able to tackle some issues that were really bothering me in my life..

    but anyways... what would you all suggest?

    option a) fuck pot, and fuck the effort of trying to "give away" the shrooms to get some $ for pot and just ingest rediculous amounts of mushrooms... im talking like 2 trips a week... for the rest of summer? lol

    option b) tough it out, stick with it, put in some effort and eventually "give away" the majority of the mushrooms in order to get some pot for summer...

    HELP ME OUTTTT! im really thinking just... ingest massive amounts of mushrooms over the summer..... and forget about pot for a bit, except for maybe picking up a qauter here or an 1/8th there.... my tolerance could use a break anyways.

    VOTE! im too lazy/dont know how to make a poll, so just cast your ballot with a reply to the thread! WHICH WOULD YOU PICK!?
  2. bumpity bump... need some inputtttttt!!!
  3. well i would just sell it whenever you can and with that money get weed. Yeah still trip a lot but still sell some. Or trade for weed.
  4. Yea keep some and sell some.
  5. Exactly, keep about a quarter of shrooms and sell the rest. Make some money for the Ganj and have 2 trips over the summer. Thats just what i would do, since i believe psychadelic experiences shouldnt be a recreational thing, rather a profound experience that should be spaced out by weeks, months and possibly years.
  6. Agreed.
  7. Exactly!

    Summer requires both! Don't tell me you will have summer without weed!:eek:
  8. i told yalllll id probaly pick up a qauter or an 1/8th of pot here and there... lol, my tolerance has been skyhigh... and ive now decided to keep 2 or 3 ounces and try to get rid of 1 or 2(depending on how many i keep)

    fuck the summer of love, 06 is the summer of enlightenment.

  9. *nod

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