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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Shablagoo, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys so my birthday is next week and I decided that I'm going to get myself a vaporizer only thing is I'm not sure what kind I should get. The mflb is great but I think that I might want something with a little more kick. Any suggestions/recommendations? Note that I don't want to spend more than $250.
  2. Arizer Extreme Q
  3. Is that portable or a desk top?
  4. Its not portable. You need to plug it in.
  5. Hi,
    Buy a da buddha for $149 on Amazon and a Magic Flight Launch Box on Amazon for $71.49!! :cool:

    Less than $250! That is what I did and have all bases covered!
  6. I'm going to recommend you avoid the MFLB unless you really want a stealthy portable. The vapor production straight blows, and I have the 2700's AND the Power Adapter.

    I love my Extreme Q so I'm going to be biased and recommend it, you get a great whip-style vaporizer with accurate digital temp control plus the option of bags. It's like $150-160ish and comes with a whole fucking giant plastic bag full of accessories.

    You could also get a Da Buddha or a Silver Surfer (Extra $100 for an aesthetic change, but that thing looks mean as hell and the heating element being in the back at an angle is pretty cool) if you want a full blown whip vape, just make sure whatever you buy isn't some cheap POS and you know what you're paying for.
  7. I've been looking online at reviews and ratings etc and the extreme q looks AMAZING. I can't believe it doesn't cost more
  8. Pax by ploom, new portable
  9. Da Vinci. Portable with LED display
  10. Arizer Solo for portable vape of the century

    Da Buddah / Silver Surfer for desktop of the universe.
  11. NO2. My friend just got one and it's legit. You can find them online for like $100 I think but the full retail is $180.

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