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Decisions Decisions.....need help...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BeachStoner69, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. So i have a large collection of bongs, bubblers, bowls, lighters, grinders, and all that good stuff. i have it in a box in a storage shed and it hasn't been found in 6 months. but i've been getting unwanted heat and can't decide what to do. my choices are either:

    1) get rid of everything except grinder, lighter, and clear eyes and use wraps to roll and smoke

    2) keep taking a chance to end my life.

    i can't decide because i love the way i get a bong or bubbler high because i like it so much better than a blunt but i don't want to get caught and i can't roll very well but i am practicing. what would you do?
  2. Don't know how the situation is but call me a pussy...I always take the safest route xD You can't hide your stuff in a box or something in your closest?
  3. Keep 1 bong and 1 bowl and dispose of the rest,
    it's not very difficult to hide things if you know your house well
  4. Get rid of everything except for 1 pipe. Pipes are super easy to hide.
  5. And another thing when i do it i would have to go to that spot where the pipe or bong is. and the bong is so big its hard to hide. but with a joint i could roll up and ride and no evidence :/
  6. so what are the circumstances. are you living with your parents?
  7. yes. and i have the stuff in a storage shed in the woods but thats where i'd have to smoke it all the time and if i go out side then back in it will look suspicious i think. but i could go ride and not be suspicious at all:) do you guys get a different high out of a bong rather than joint?
  8. do you know how many places there are to hide shit in?
  9. Bury it if you are really worried, Make sure there is no loose soil so the wont know
  10. Pay someone else to hold it for ya man

  11. Pay them with bong uses lol.

  12. Exactly. I wouldn't mind holding a bong for a friend. Free smoking tool for a while :bongin:

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