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  1. I got a strange text message from a girl whom I bone in regards to a christmas party. Heres how it went.

    If a big man comes and grabs me up, its probably just santa collecting his hoes. Im texting you from the sack, bring alcohol ;)

    so there were so many metaphors I couldnt follow there and I dont know what to say haha
  2. Sounds like she's in bed and wants you to come over, bring booze, and fuck her.

    Also she's already drunk.
  3. ^ something along those lines
  4. Go to her house with alcohol and smash. She wants it bro.
  5. It means you should go to bed now.

    Cause if you get booze and go over there to fuck her, she'll be passed out by the time you get there :D
  6. Obvious text is obvious.
  7. It means go buy a pack of Durex and get on her level.
  8. it's so obvious..

    she's having car trouble and needs you to call a mechanic.
  9. You guys were right! thanks for guiding my cock
  10. No problem mclovin. /iseewhatyoudidthere
  11. it's obvious...she just saved 50 percent or more on car insurance by switching to geico.
  12. "I'm a hoe. Come fuck me, and bring alcohol."
  13. Dude hop in your whip and head over there with some goose. Chick wants to bang. Wear a santa outfit lol.
  14. go collect your hoe santa ;P
  15. did you bang her or not.

  16. :rolleyes:
  17. A late letter too santa? Or she just wants to have sex.
  18. And we never hear from him again...
  19. It's obvious she's fucking your brother and wants you to know about it
  20. The text was a trap! OP went to get laid and got murdered instead..oh nooo

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