Deciduous Herbaceous Perennial Strains

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    Any thoughts? This has got to be a marketing ploy. Won't all autoflowering varieties do the exact same freakin thing>$125 for 10 seeds? I'm going to write them and post the insueing halarity.



    The Doggies Nuts! seed range

    Big Bad John (auto flowering)

    "You heard of the low rider well this is the high rider"

    TypeIndoor/OutdoorFlowering7 weeksYield400-450g/m2This variety has been a long time coming and definitively confirms that the times they are a changing! As believe it or not this is deciduous herbaceous perennial strain!
    For those of you that are not that horticulturally aware this means it has the ability to re-emerge after it has died.
    Yes the seeds and not so commonly the plant can over winter and re-emerge come the spring, as in this little, or should we say big beauty will auto flower once it is established - if left to be it will set seeds, then these seeds will grow and then these plants will do the same thing so on and so forth ad infinitum!
    For those of you that have still not seen the light, this means that it can grow wild and if left unchecked will colonise the areas where it is placed! in one season it can produce 3-4 generations of offspring and as each generation matures they will do the samething!
    In plain English this variety can grow wild and colonise - if left will come back with a vengeance every season there after!
    This strain has similar genetic characteristics as the Long John Silver (auto flowering) variety however is more productive both in yield and active ingredients compared to its more mellow younger brother.
    Other seed banks have tried to buy the entire supply from us to stop these seeds hitting the market for fear of what this would do to the seed industry! But lol this is more important than mere money! - let these seeds go forth and prosper and re take what is rightfully theirs :)
  2. that's a good question it would seem that if you could get your auto flowering plant to re-emerge after harvesting that you would basically have an immortal plant but it seems unlikely that most auto flower strains can make that claim. would be a hell of a site to see if its true. as far as the claims of being able to populate a field with wild auto flowering plants goes your right any variety of auto flower plant would do the same exact thing. doggies nuts seeds seem to always be pricey for no apparent reason but I haven't ever bought from them for that reason, who knows maybe you do get what you pay for and you can grow Lazarus plants
  3. Actually almost all autoflowering plants are tender perennial (semi-perennial). This means the plant is born to be perennial, but once the condition becomes ideal, the annual genetic will be triggered and turn the plant into self-destructive mode and flower a lot.
    If you keep an autoflowering plant under low light, it will not flower much but it will survive after flowering and in about six weeks it will grow out new leaves. BBJ is just an improved strain that will not be easily turned into annual. As a result the plants will never flower much.
    In the nature annual plants have greater advantage over perennial plants as they produce more offsprings and allow the genetic to evolve very quickly. If you play the game Starcraft, the concept of Zerg and Essence are based on annual plants, the concept of Protoss and Form are based on perennial plants.

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