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Deciding on LSV Vape

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by linkma54, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Hey blades was wondering if anyone could give me any advice or reviews on the LSV vape by 7th Floor? I just got $200 in visa gift cards for the holidays (the rents didn't want me spending it on bud, what a pain in the ass:rolleyes:) so I was thinking about picking up one of those vapes because it's on sale for $152 with free shipping at a website that's not grasscity.

    I've owned an mflb before but ended up selling it after a few months because I felt like I wasn't getting high from it anymore. I've been looking around the net but can't seem to find too many solid "reviews" on the unit so I just wanted to know any LSV owner's thoughts?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Well I can see that you own one, what's Your personal opinion on it.

    I mean as much as I love reading through 81 pages...
  3. Damn what website is it?

  4. I love it.

    You asked for opinions and reviews and I gave you an 81 page thread FULL of them, but you don't want to read it? I don't get it. which is the absolute BEST resource for vaporizer information. Not only do you have a LOT of users who own multiple vapes that they can review for comparison, but they also have many of the manufacturers there to answer questions as well.
  5. Oh I meant what website is selling the LSV for $152 and free shipping lol
  6. You misunderstood me, I've read through a lot of that thread already. I just want more opinions on it. I know many GC members use it so I wanted GC's opinion
  7. My opinion says its a good vape

    No point of buying something you don't know about, read the first 10 pages, and the last 10 pages, and you'll get a pretty good idea
  8. Just remember under a certain price the warranty is not valid, I think that price is $190

  9. I'd like to know too. I bought mine for 161 and they threw in free shipping as well as a free WPA, but that was on Black Friday through vape world.

  10. Nope. It's valid, as long as it's purchased through an authorized dealer.
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    So its not like the DBV? I know for the DBV it can't be under $190

    Actually I can't even find that info on their website anymore, just shows which websites you can't buy it from

  12. It's exactly like the DBV. It too can be sold under 190 as long as it's from an authorized dealer.

    It is illegal for any manufacturer to not offer a warranty below a specific price point. It's called price fixing. It is legal, however, to require that a product be purchased through an authorized retailer to maintain it's warranty.
  13. Pm for the website if you want it cuz I'm pretty sure it's against the rules to link to other websites
  14. Ok, I looked at the site and yes, it can be purchased for 152, but, make sure that it comes with the "strain relief". 7th Floor made a recent change on their LSV's and included this upgrade due to many people on FC reporting that the power cord was being cut by the housing of the LSV over time. The new ones come with this relief. I have no doubt that there are some older ones out there still in inventory.

    Just make sure to ask before purchasing.

    Another thing to consider is that if you plan on vaporbonging, you also need to get the wpa. If you purchase the vape directly from 7th Floor, they will throw in the WPA for 10 bucks. Most sites charge 25 dollars for it. Some sites will throw it in for free as vape world did for me.

    Regarding the wpa, make sure you get the right size to fit your bong. They also come in a shorty version (great for single use), a normal version (great for 2 or 3 people) and a fatty version (for parties).
  15. Could you talk about the vapor quality? Where does it rank in comparison to other home units?
    It's the best home unit I've ever used.
  17. Awesome! Just to clarify, what other home units have you tried?
    Is the LSV fairly new? There doesn't seem to be many reviews or a lot of word of mouth about it.
    It was released 2 and half years ago.    Here's a 119 page thread with over 2957 posts in it and all of it is on nothing but the LSV:
    Regarding other vapes that I have owned, see my sig.
    I also have and LSV and I love it. I have been thinking about getting a SSV just to have an option where I can leave the element on take a hit from the whip and just set the wand down. Then when I need another hit just pick the whip back up to the element and toke. I noticed you had a DBV. Just wondering if you ever miss that option that you had wit the DBV?

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