Deciding on a pre-paid cell phone.

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    I need to get another pre-paid phone, but I'm a little lost on what to get. The last phone I had was a tracphone, the one before that I think was a virgin moble.

    I've always had shitty plans were I had to buy units or pay per min. Now I'm looking for something that has unlimited everything (or atleast almost everything) for a set price every month.

    Almost everyone has a unlimited plan costing $30-60 a month now. I've been looking for a while and I think I got it narrowed down. If you have any suggestions let me know.

    The first phone I'm looking at is the sanyo zio by kyocera from Cricket. The phone itself is $230. The plan is $45 a month of unlimited everything ($35 for unlimited everything except web, pic messaging and other lil extras).

    The second phone is the Samsung T401G from Straight Talk. The phone itself is $145. The plan is $45 a month for unlimited everything ($35 for 1,000 nationwide min, 1,000 nationwide text or pics, and 30MB web).


    The third phone is the LG Rumor Touch from Virgin Moble. The phone itself is $150. The plan is $40 for unlimited text, email, data & web and 1200 mins ($60 for unlimited everything).


    Ahh, there's a lot more that I like, I really don't know. None of them really get great reception at my house. As long as I can get texts at home and get on the web a lil at work I'm good.
  2. just get the the 2nd one that's a good deal:smoke::smoke::bongin:

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  3. The third phone (LG) seems like it would be the best. It seems like an overall better phone.
    Plus if you want web, the LG has a bigger screen than the Samsung so it would be easier to go on the internet and stuff.
  4. I'd say get on the virgin mobile network simply because Sprint gives them service. Plus their plan is not so bad after all
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm leaning toward virgin moble. I just need to have someone that has a virgin moble to come out and see how their phone works at my place.
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    I checked everyone's coverage map, and everyone has my place right on the line between 'good' and 'fair' for voice. No companys pick up great at my place. So it's kinda like choosing which one sucks the least, haha.

    Virgin moble does seem to pick up the best at my work though, so that's a plus.

    Straight Talk has a really cheap lookin map. It says it gets service here but I don't know if I can trust it.

    I'm waiting on my paycheck to get here, then I'm going to order something.
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    Grr. Well my brother is at my place. His phone is a virgin moble, and he barely gets any service. Just enough to text, if he makes a call it drops quickly.

    I know on one of the phones I had before, it didn't pick up at all. So I called in and bitched for a while and they eventually got it to pick up. I wonder if I get the virgin moble if I can call in and do that.

    I know tracfone works in my area, but they cost too damn much.
  8. Straight Talk uses Verizon's towers, so see if you're friends who have Verizon have decent service. I know around my area Verizon has about the best service, I've been using Straight Talk for a while now and like it. I'm not sure if you have Walmart where you're at, but I bought my phone from there for only $100.

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