Deciding between Vapor Bros and SSV- one quick question

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by smoke blunts, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Finally replacing my Volcano. It comes down to either the Vapor Bros ( VaporBrothers Vaporizer- Coffee - VaporizerDealer - Herb Vaporizers & Cheap Grinders ) or the SSV ( Rainbows End Silver Surfer Vaporizer with Black Base - Gift Set ).

    Price is a big factor here and is making me lean toward Vapor Bros, though SSV looks better. There is one last factor that might seal the deal for Vapor Bros:

    I've heard that WOOD-based vaporizers are a lot better for your health than METAL-based vaporizers. This is one reason why the Volcano isn't the safest choice. I want what is overall going to be best for my health. Does Vapor Bros win this factor?

    SSV looks like it's more efficient, but if the difference is negligible, I'm going for the cheaper and safer choice.
  2. I would go with the Silver Surfer. I have Da Buddha and I can't imagine ever using anything else. If it ever breaks I plan on getting either Silver Surfer or another Da Buddha (same company).
  3. ive heard great things about both. im getting the vapor bros once i get the money. vapor bros uses natural minerals for the heating element as compared to glass/ceramic which SSV uses. hope that helps.
  4. Ah, SSV uses ceramic/glass? Is there any metal at all that would become hazardous in the smoking process?

    I know full well that the SSV is better than the Vapor Bros. Efficiency doesn't matter as much to me as healthy hits. I don't want something that's bad for me in the long run (like a Volcano), and while SSV seems like the best purchase, it also looks like it's on the unhealthier side.
  5. Ceramic Heater - Info

    i think that should answer it. basically the difference i see is that vapor bros doesnt use metals while the SSV uses a combination glass/aluminum ceramic.
  6. Just because its made of metal doesn't mean it burns the metal. The SSV has glass over a ceramic heater... the glass gets hot, not the metal. If I was you I would go with the SSV, it will last a lifetime
  7. Metals can release carcinogens if they are superheated... I would go with the Silver Surfer which you can't really go wrong with in the first place even without the metal logic.
  8. yeah i'm pretty sure they metals they use is perfectly safe. If you get it hot enough to realize anything, then you'll probably have already incinerated all your bud.
  9. I can turn my SSV up all the way and still handle the metal fine, it barely gets warm let alone being hot enough to to release carcinogens
  10. The SSV is way better, and why don't you compare it to the Buddha then since it's in the same range as the VB??
  11. i have a Buddha and love it man if ur lookin to save money its pretty much identical to the SSV except cheaper, pick u a Buddha itll save ya some money for bud and that thing will never let u down
  12. Thanks for all the input guys.

    I'm actually looking at a Buddha right now based on price... thanks for the suggestion. Just two more quick questions:

    1. Can anyone (preferably who has an SSV) vouch that the Buddha is pretty much just as good?

    2. And is there a hands-free accessory for it like there is for SSV?

  13. You don't need the hands-free accessory for the Buddha because it comes stock with hands-free. The SSV comes stock.........non-hands free.

    The difference between the SSV and the Buddha is the following:

    The heater angle is facing down at a 45 degree angle on the SSV where as the Buddha is at 90 degrees, so with the SSV, there is less of a chance of your bud hitting the heater.

    The temp control knob on the Buddha is facing you when in use which makes it a bit easier to use than the SSV

    The heated air path to your herbs is more concentrated on the SSV than it is on the Buddha so you will get a slightly thicker, richer hit with the SSV, will also need to twist the wand around while hitting it so that it evenly vapes the bowl.

    The SSV has more customizable things like custom glass knobs and heaters. These don't affect the performance, but you can sure make it look pretty.

    The SSV is totally made in the US. The Budhha is made in China. Typically, you want to stay away from Chinese made vapes, but in this case, 7th Floor is the one who is subbing out the work to an offshore company and they maintain better QC than a company that is wholly Chinese owned.

    Hope this helps.

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