Decided To Quit Smoking.

Discussion in 'General' started by Inhaale, May 19, 2010.

  1. I've decided to quit smoking, my quit date will be tomorrow. Cold Turkey, that's right. Guess what quitting means? and one of the biggest reasons i'm quitting?

    That's right. I hope all you fellow blades support my decesion.

    Peace And Pot.
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  2. Why tomorrow? Why not quit right now?
  3. Thanks guys, and I guess i'm techinally quitting today because I have no smokes, so....
  4. probably getting baked for his last day, I would :bongin:

    good luck man, itll be worth it!
  5. Deffiently will be, i'll have like anywhere from like $10-$35 a week extra to spend on herb (btw I live in canada) probably gonna buy a new pipe and grinder to celebrate once I quit for like 2-6 weeks :D

    and i'm quitting cigarettes, not herb. I could never quit the herb.
  6. shits rough man. If you feel the urge and still want to quit nicotine patches are amazing, even if you only use them when you really need them.
  7. when my friend decided to quit smoking cigs he started up chewing for a couple weeks to help those cigarette urges, he ended up swallowing a lil bit when we were drunk and he was throwing up all over the place. best thing to happen to him cause now he wont go near any tobacco product
  8. the first 3 days are the hardest. im trying to quite cigs too. its funny cuz im starting today. altho i cheated and had one already but once and a while i might sneak one. idk if thats quiting tho
  9. That's not quitting, that's addiction.
  10. ima quit whenever i have my last one tonight
  11. I have to quit too. School's starting and I'm not gonna have a lot of money because I won't be able to work as many hours. I'm taking summer classes.
  12. ugh cigarettes are so addictive :/ i hate em!

    expect some kind of withdraw tho
  13. I've only ever smoked two cigarettes in my life, so i've never actually gotten addicted to them.

    However, i've smoked a hell of a lot of pot. :rolleyes:

  14. yes i am addicted. ive been smoking ciggs for 10 years. so dont make an assumtion when u dont got all the facts. and u must not smoke cigs cuz they are hard to quit when u smoked half a pack a day for 5 years then 2 packs a day for 5 years. ive tryed quiting a few times but i guess im not a quiter
  15. Lol! Look at his user name too!

  16. ok tho this all i got to ask is his name or mine. cuz his says he be on coke. lol but if ur say its cuz i call myself a juggalo pft ur funny.
  17. I know I'm not a real smoker like you. I smoked cigs too for a while and then one night, as I was about to have one, I decided to just throw it out then and there. I haven't smoked since then even though I craved them more than anything before. That's why I said that you have an addiction. If you can't quit, then you are physically dependent on it and you can't live without it. That's an addiction but that doesn't mean you can't quit. You just need help with it and some willpower.

  18. sorry if i sounded like a dick but im trying to quit and im getting angry easly now lol. but any advice on how to qiut would be nice since you did it.
  19. It's cool I felt the same way when I was quitting. My main motivation came from kickboxing. I'd be all out of shape and dead tired after a warm up and everyone else was barely sweating. It was embarrassing enough that I needed to quit smoking. You need to find some kind of reason to quit, whether health or something else, and remind yourself of that each time you get a craving. I'd walk around the campus and see pretty much everyone smoking and I just kept telling myself that I'm better off not doing it. It's tough but you can get through it. Once you do, you'll realize how stupid it was to smoke in the first place.

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