Decided to make a Youtube channel for my Incredibowls!

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    Dedicated to using both of my Incredibowls. Its been up for a bit now but I just really didn't want to show off the vids just yet (I wanted to redo them) ,but what ever I will just redo them some other time.

    Link to my channel
    YouTube - Kanaal van PlayDoughBurningInDC

    Here are the 3 vids I got up so far tell me what you guys think

    [ame=""]YouTube - Quick look at the incredibowl m420 (orange)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Better look at the Incredibowl I420 p (1)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Better look at the Incredibowl I420 p (2)[/ame]

    By the way sorry for the delay Theway2go I know i promised theses vids a long time ago.:eek:
  2. Haha my I only watched the first one but thats cool man. Cool piece! My favorite part was the police sirens sounding so close though... I was thinking oh man... cops! :eek:
  3. That's DC for ya.:rolleyes: A day doesn't go by were you don't hear a police sirens go off about every 30mins.

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