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Decided to buy a vape...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wanderlusion, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Okay I decided to buy an Iolite online a few days ago. I think having a vape would be a good investment since I can save my bud and the amount I have to spend, safer for my lungs (no tar), I can smoke in my dorm without being paranoid about smell, and receiving the full amount of THC. It makes sense to me to get one, why don't more people do it?

    But I'm currently at home right now for vacation, when I fly back to college, do you think its safe to pack it into my luggage?
  2. yeah if you havent used it.
  3. So if I did use it, I wouldn't be able to luggage it right? Is there a way to make it discreet? I wanna use it but not take any risks
  4. Most people dont get vapes because its only head high. Only the thc is vaped and not the cbd which is the body high. I personally like a mix of the both and you cant get that with a vape. and you cant take it on a plane if there is any residue. Dont use it untill you are off the plane.
  5. I see. I'll just play it safe then and use it later on. So usually, I get red eyes and that's caused because of the popped blood vessels from the smoke. But vapes don't cause that either right?

  6. where are you getting this info ...
  7. Lol no dude no blood vessels are being poped in your eyes. Who told you that? THC causes faster heart rate. You body counters that by making all you blood vessels bigger to lower blood presser. Bigger blood vessels in the eyes means you can see them better which makes your eyes red. I sound like the biggest fag right now lol
  8. On my vaporizer, if I turn it up high enough I can achieve a significant body high with minimal effort. This is also true for most other vaporizers.

    Don't confuse the smoke intoxication with other elements of being high. Vaping is more clear headed, but it can still cause confusion as well.

    Smoke is not a contributor towards eye redness. THC is responsible for it. So your choice of method of ingestion is superfluous because either way if you are high enough, this will show up.
  9. Bahahah that is such bs. Coughing doesn't do anything to your eyes. When you eat edibles and vape your eyes still get red.
  10. Mmmmmk. But with the body/head highs, doesn't it mainly count on the strain if it's sativa or indica? Like if I vape indica, that would mean I would still get the chill high. But with sativa's I would definitely have a active mind high?
  11. That is correct in theory. I find I have more energetic highs from vaping sativas rather than indicas. However, I still find I have a significant "up" high from vaping indicas, but less than sativas.
  12. Enjoy the vape and make sure you keep the bud after. Your eyes are definitely going to get red, but the taste is fucking orgasmic. Enjoy the the machine man.
  13. Actually THC and CBD are vaporized at relatively the same temperature. How can you say that you only get thc from a vaporizer if they boil at temperatures that aren't significantly apart as well as cannabis not combusting until 400F+

  14. Not to burst your bubble but I would've gone with the magic flight launch box. The iolite has only one temperature (I think around 170C) while with the magic flight you can control the temperature so that you can vape more cbd and cbn if you want. Plus its cheaper and stealthier. But anyways welcome to vaporizing! Ever since I tried vaping I cannot go back to full time smoking, its just way healthier and enjoyable imo. :)
  15. #16 breakdanzer, Aug 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    He's spot on.. Also, my iolite smelled a LOT more than my magic flight launch box...

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