Decided to becme a gunsmith

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  1. I want to work mainly with pistols, possibly specialize in pistolsmithing during/after my apprenticeship. Anyway, my dad asked me if i had finally figured out what i want to do with my life.... i had to seriously think about it. I'm interested in many things, but only with the end-user function. As in, i enjoy playing games but have 0 interest in designing or programming them...

    But one thing i do find fascinating is how firearms operate. I know a bit, and am a great shot... so i think i'd make a great gunsmith.. hell maybe one day i'll invent something revolutionary.

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  2. Cool. I got a RIA 1911 that I like.... Workin on gettin an xdm ..40
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    You could make a killing just doing trigger jobs....Double action revolvers are very popular, but the trigger pull (to shoot them double action) sucks on pretty much all of them. Especially if you've got small hands. It's usually very simple to take a couple lbs of the trigger pull. There's a spring under the grips. You just take a couple loops off. 10 minutes, tops.
    I'm telling you man. Trigger jobs. You'll make a killing. If I were a man I'd do it all day every day. Unfortunately no one trusts a girl to touche their guns -_-
  4. Ever take any machining courses?  That's probably where you should start, unless you know someone who will let you apprentice under them.  I wish I took one year of that, or welding instead of two years of automotive back in high school.
  5. This. I'm a machinist and I've been asked more than once to make gun parts.
  6. Funny y'all mention machining, that's what im starting school for in march :)

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  7. Why limit yourself to just handguns?

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  8. That's the whole point of a double action revolver. Most revolvers do not have external safety. Double action (long trigger pull) is the revolver's safety. Trigger jobs alone will not make a killing.
    Nice dude.  Did you enroll because you want to be a gunsmith or because you love that kinda stuff?  There's tons of good jobs to be had with machining skills.  
  10. Yo, that's where the money is at. can legally purchase 80% 1911 frames that require very little machining to complete. There is no FFL transfer required for these 80% frames :)
    How dope would it be to make your own 1911's from scratch. You will obviously have to stamp a serial # onto the frame and register it once you put a serial # on it.
  11. Well i knew it would be a great skill to have for gunsmithing.

    Whoever asked why i'm limiting myself to handguns... im not. A type 1 gunsmith license will allowing me to work on pistols, shotguns, and long rifles. I want to SPECIALIZE in handguns. Like glock.. they only make pistols, but they make a damn fine pistol.

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  12. i'd only have to stamp/register if i intend to sell it ;)

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  13. Well, you cannot legally sell self manufactured firearms. You can however manufacture firearms to own, legally. 
  14. Im not too sure, you can obtain a manufacturer's license if i'm not mistaken... very complocated and arduous/costly process but you can mae guns to sell i do believe...

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  15. It is, but it isn't. I'm not talking about giving the piece a hair trigger on a double action fire by any means. Just making it more possible to actually use accurately. It's not so much about the length of the trigger pull, but the force required. Trust me, the trigger pull doesn't need to be as heavy as they make them, to be a safe revolver. Something like a Glock doesn't have nearly the same force required.
    And I'm not saying that's all he should do. But it's a pretty damn easy job for a fair bit of cash.
  16. Oh for sure. If you jump through the hoops and somehow acquire a manufacturer license, then you can sell all the guns you want. But, I think you have a better chance of hitting the lotto or get hit by lightning :)
  17. At this point not sure if i'll work for someone else or open my own shop... either way i think it will be valuable information and a skill that might become very useful in these trying time

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  18. Tks coast! You always were one of my fave blades

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    Hate to say it, but Glock definitely changed my opinion of striker pistols. I hated them with a passion until I got my hands on (my dad's) Glock. Put's my Kahr to shame >_> (I fucking hate that gun. I really should just sell it and buy the 1911 I wanted in the first place).
  20. Awesome man my cousin is doing something similar. He is almost done doing machining/business classes. He has family that makes CNC machines and wants to make AR stocks.


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