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Decided the Earth is god.

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Sonow, May 11, 2010.

  1. The Earth should be respected as a provider of life for us.
    Whether or not it is god depends on what your definition of god is.
    If you define god as a power greater than yourself, than you could consider it to be a god.
  2. I'm Atheist and I almost feel like the earth can really be considered god. But not just earth, everything is god, everything that you see and you can't see. We are god. Every atom in your body and that makes up this universe.

    Looking at evolution on earth, it makes me feel like the universe is a life form just for the simple fact how it just started. It is instinctual in everything, atoms to evolve, clone and be innovative. So the big bang happened and in billions of years the supposed big crunch will happen causing everything to vanish. To me it seems like maybe the universe has had many big crunches and civilizations that have been going on for trillions of years before, and the cool part is that might have been us back then, or maybe parts of us were like cement or something. I can really get into it, but I'll stop there, if you guys even understand what I'm saying.
  3. This brings me back to Ptolemy... :laughing:
  4. The Sun and Moon are better...
  5. The earth isnt god...but definitely something worth worshiping.
  6. no.... hes right. earth is our creator guys, mother earth gave us life and sustains other life so that we may sustain us.

    if it were not for the delicate balance of nature from the dirt to the tops of the trees we would not be here.

    i decided that mother earth was god a long time ago, god is also the goodness inside you. anytime you go out of your way to share your inner goodness with someone that is an act of god, reach your full potential by realizing that god is within us all.

    god is under your feet and in your heart, when you allow your inner godliness to come out it shines through the world. kindness is meant to be passed on, not returned.

    ALL energy is only borrowed, one day you will have to give your energy and your body back to the earth. when you die your body decomposes and all the nutrients in your body are deposited into the soil for MORE life to be created.

    therefor god is earth and this kid has his shit right.
  7. Yeah, but what gave birth to the Earth? I would say "The Universe" would be "God", if anything. :)

    As an agnostic, that is my belief until further proof of the Abrahamic god comes forth. Simple as that.

    And I mean clear cut shit - not no cryptic messages or just a single book (the bible).

    Is that so ridiculous after all???
  8. This is great stuff!!!! +rep!
  9. The earth is our mother, responsible for every life. We should pay respect to the earth for our existence rather than pray to a god which can only be perceived through the construct of thought.
  10. i honestly think women are god. men are the devil. you must have bad to have good when men try to own a womens love (monogamist relationship) we do awful things, and this isnt the only way we go against nature. Love is my religion.
  11. Earth is not god because when you say this you are saying we are special, which we are not. Are you saying planets outside of the "Habitual Zone" that could possibly contain life are not gods?

    But i will play along for this thread, and the only thing i want to say is that you should call the Sun and Moon gods as well, because without them, "we" wouldnt be here.
  12. its not that the Earth is God. The Earth, and everything on it,(including oxygen, weed, freshwater, meat, and all its inhabitants) is created by God.

  13. we'll im not sober haha but i know what u mean, its all so perfect around us, earth has so many qualites that make life possible magnetic field, gravity, water . How we breath in oxygen and release co2 for plants to breath to make our food, weed, and medicine. anyone know the name of that god that suppose to be mother earth??
  14. I think its hard to wrap your head around how many connections there are on earth, pollination, weather and ocean currents, etc. How so many species exist, and are so unique but also rely on other animals or plants. The way certain things happen makes me wonder what put all these systems in order like this. And they say the earth may have had like 4 mass extinctions, so lots of other species formed instead. What made the molecules form in the specific way they did to make you, or the way you act, or anything. Wish I knew..
  15. yeah man!
  16. Questions for OP

    1: If the earth is god, then are all the other planets gods also? If yes, are moons gods and where do you draw the line (size wise?)

    2: If the other planets are not gods because they do not support life, then when there is no life left on the earth will earth cease to be a god? Because god is supposed to be immortal, eternal.

    Some things for you to ponder :)
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    I didn't believe in God for a bit but then I came upon the realization of how huge the universe is and concluded that there must be other entities out there. Just as we have a natural food chain on Earth, where the most inept creatures thrive, try to imagine a "food chain" of the universe where the top entity of the universe thrives....this top entity of the universe is what I would consider God.
  18. many of you are thinking too much. the actual earth is god as it is the creator of EVERYTHING. earth GAVE us life, gave life unto the earth. plants sprung from the ground and earths oceans harbored animals that eventually crawled out of their giant test tube onto land. the complex struggle of life and death that the earth had us and our animal ancestors go through is what got us to THIS point. not 5 years ago, not 10 years from now but right at the very moment your eyes read this.

    granted earth and its creation and shit was a freak accident. it is still all things god that live on this planet. god is subjective to this planet, until we know what actually created the first chemicals that boomed into the universe its best to keep god to this planet.

    the earth sustains life through what life it gives. anything on this planet ADAPTS to it, plants reach for the sun, not grow out of the ground. the sun is their food, in laymen terms.

    the plants are the food of other animals who are our food. everything you eat was at one point a life with an energy. that energy is transfered into your body as you consume it, one day you will die and be food for the earth.

    god take god give... most of the quotes in the bible and other religious works actually make sense when thought in these kinds of lights.
  19. Face it . . . 'God' is a figment of your imagination. Nothing more.
  20. The earth is god?

    But who made the earth?

    The earth formed from the universe

    who made the universe?

    And what made that which formed the universe?

    I could go on infinitely

    maybe infinity is god, but that would be silly right, what a concept...

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