Decided the Earth is god.

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  1. Think about it.
    It's nature is unrealistically beautiful. Perfect.
    It's the only planet that is fit for us. I mean sure there is probably another one, but we're on Earth, not that other similar planet.
    It gives us everything we need. Oxygen, Weed, Fresh Water, Meat, and a variety of amazingly unique animals.

    Earth I've decided, IS god. Or at least is definitely a figure that should be highly respected in life.
    Or so I think.
  2. are you by any chance...high?
  3. :laughing: "everything we need. Oxygen, Weed..." hahahaha, I love how weed is on the list first before food. Also, the earth doesn't give us meat exactly, but it does have lots of animals which we kill to get meat. However, it does provide us with lots of edible plants and fruits and vegetables! :D
  4. I believe Sol is important
  5. You try raising some cattle, and fish without land.
    Lemme know how that works. lol.

    Also, no. I come to the conclusion sober. It makes a lot of sense to me.
    Nature is just pure and beautiful.

  6. Fail.

    Try again.

  7. It makes more sense than God....Really it does.
  8. Thanks.
    I just got bummed out until you posted this.
    Then I read the guys sig above your post and laughed.
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    Haha the sig of the dude is priceless

    Oh and talking about the topic,it was pretty logical to me,the earth made it self so we can survive and live life but the problem is how did it made it self??,so that brings me back to square one,Were here for some random shit that happened,so i dont think of it as a GOD,more as our little home planet that we should love and take care of. :)

  10. I apologize, I didn't mean to insult you or anything! Your theory is very interesting and intriguing. You never know, anybody's theory could be the "right" theory.

    I was just saying the thing about the meat because I don't eat meat, lol I'm vegetarian. I was just joking really, but anyway... just wanted to clear that up!

  11. It does. The Earth is real. I can feel The Earth. The Earth gives me food, water, air, and shelter. If The Earth wants human kind gone, The Earth will rid herself of us. God is a figment of human's imagination. I don't know why more people don't consider Earth 'God', knowing all that we now know. If you want to base your life off a book written by humans more than 2000 years ago, feel free.
  12. The earth isnt doesnt exist by itself in this universe. We also need the sun dont we?

  13. maybe the sun is another god.
  14. I believe just nature in itself is God. Like not just the Earth, but everything in the universe that doesn't neccessarily have a concious. I feel that because it's perfect. It has such balance in it and corrects problems very efficiantly. Just my opinion:p
  15. OP has a better understanding of life than most of those religious folks.

    Religion is like a video game console war, PS3 vs Xbox 360

    Big dick versus small dick

    It's pathetic, let people believe in what they want to believe. Let the sun be our god, let the oxygen be our lord, let the water be our Christ. To me there is no right or wrong in faith, but there is a wrong when they're in my face because i'm not with their fanboy club.
  16. Carbon is essential to life. So is carbon god?

    I'm saying that some people claim god gave them life. If you need to justify your existence by acknowledging a creator, then I'm saying the earth is more of a reasonable thing to worship than a fictional character invented by humans 2000 + years ago.

  17. yeah for sure, totally agree.
    just cause the earth and sun are different things doesnt mean shit. they are both part of our surrounding. the earth and the suns effects here create everything we know.
  18. Man needs earth. Earth needs sun. Sun needs hydrogen. Hydrogen needs older stars. Stars need dust clouds. Clouds need gravity. Gravity needs Big Bang.

    All needs to be Mindful of surroundings.

    "Whatever, nevermind"
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    my granma always says earth is mother, cus it gives all our physical needs, and energy like love hate fear and shit like that is our father because it teaches us an strengthens us mentally an the universe or cosmos is our creator since out of the stars is where all life comes from...yea my granma is old old old school mexican lol
    oh an i definitely agree wit your logic homes
  20. You're missing something, but you're on the right track. The Earth does have vast importance to us and it is what allows humans and all living things inhabiting it to exist. However, what allows the earth to exist in the way it does (in other words, what makes it able to support life)?

    God can be entirely represented by no one thing within this reality (besides Man, but some debate that so w/e), because God is reality! An ego driven creature will be hard pressed to find God, as finding God requires the destruction or subjection of that very ego. Your theory of God being the Earth is an example of the ego skewing the picture of what IS God.

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