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Decided on my new Bong!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Proud2Smoke, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. So im getting a bong pretty soon but i have to be stealthy (have the perfect hiding spot inside a chair altho it doesnt have the most room ever) yes my parents are agaisnt smoking and i must hide all smoking apparatus and smokeables. Ive settled on a smallish bong with an ice catcher, tell me what you think. My question is would a glass bowl/cp fit in a metal stem? or shall i have to buy a glass stem as well? thankyou!:wave:

  2. You dont want any metallic bowls. That shit will get so hot after smoking two bowls that every hit will be yellow.
  3. Ewwww. Nasty bong.
  4. Don't go with that one man :(
  5. yea dude wtf..
    go to the gc shopand pick up a cheap glass bong...
  6. Yeah man, you would be better off buying somthing else, dont go for metal ether.
  7. I wouldn't hit that lol
  8. Looks like dirt, probably hits like dirt. It is dirt. But whatever tickles your pickle. ;)
  9. at least it looks like it has ice notches, acrylic bongs don't do too bad with ice, go glass if you can though, you won't regret spending a few more dollars
  10. OP is in California, home of cheap weed and heady glass for good prices. WHY IS HE SHOPPING ON AN AUSTRALIAN BULLSHIT GLASS WEBSITE?@?@?@?


    thats like going to Colorado to pick up some schwag.
  11. If thats acrylic it looks like someone put iso and salt into the bottom to clean it.
  12. lmao what kind of retard made that bong...seriously!?!
  13. Who would paint the inside of a bowl? It may be nontoxic paint but it still will probobly taste funky. And if it isnt nontoxic... XP
  14. what's the problem with a metal bowl? I own one bong and i replaced the slide with a brass one after it broke and i hardly notice a difference
  15. Brass may not have a problem, I use a brass screen in my glass bowl and have no problem with brass. Its that the metal bowl in the pic is not brass. To add to that its a painted bowl. There is nothing wrong with brass in my opinion.
  16. Soul shine family glass. Travel tube peep it 65$ and badass... And a chair isn't gunna stop the smell... Look.for a better spot. If not go with a bubbler or pipe... I throw mine on my mini fridge keeps it cold and.frosted like a mug haha.
  17. Its not acrylic its glass, and the pic is from an australian site, not buying it off there. Im defitenly getting a glass stem and bowl for any bong i purchase so metal/paint/brass doesnt make a difference. the glass is frosted and it DOES have an ice catcher. Its not bad and i dont want to spend to much money anywho. Its a special chair that i took the legs of smashed a hole in the bottom (bottom and structure is wood) and ill wrap in towel and plastic bag and normal bag to reduce smell. The chair has like mini insulation as well so ye.
  18. Wow im indecisive, i think i might go with this one instead ---

  19. this one would def be better for you than the other ones. i see a carbhole plug witch is cool as shit. better choice.
  20. yeah it looks better, thicker glass as well. The shoddy plug will help when soaking/cleaning as well! will probably order wthin the next week

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