dechlorinate by boiling?? help pls

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 06cbrboy, May 5, 2011.

  1. Situation as organic a grow as possible dont wanna harm my soil so heres a question.

    Hi i was wondering if anyone knew if you boiled your tap water wouldnt that help to airate the water and to "burn" off the chlorine? also i have very hard water so when i do boil water you can tell would a coffee filter do any justice?:confused:
  2. Let it stand for 24 hours ..Chlorine is introduced as a gas in 99% of house hold water so it will disperse ..Boiling hardens the water and brings the metals out of solution ..The best trick for you is to filter the water with some kind of charcoal and partical filtation ,and in line system or a simple Britta Jug will get rid of 99% of trace elements ,metals, chlorine,Floride..HTH
  3. never thought a britta would be sutable well thank you so boiling isnt going to help me from sanitizing my micro herd. I know to leave it out over night just forgot and have seedlings needing a drink.
  4. anyone its gettin late and they need some h20.
  5. hmmm id have to know someone to use it for me to i dont know i try to keep it as organic as i can afford. sounds good though

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