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decarboxylating with a vape

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by NorthEastStoner, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. in theory couldn't one just set his or her vape to the proper temperature for decarboxylation and just let it sit there for a while and do its thing? Use the vape like an oven? I have a da vinci and i could just set the temp and let it sit and then make something with it... would this work? if so, what temperature should i set it at?
  2. Vapes are notorious for not evenly vaping the weed. Some areas will get more heat than others. It's really not a consistent way to decarb. Not to mention, the temperature is usually not reliable, and would be hard to actually measure it, where as you could use a thermometer in an oven.

    You would need to also set it at 220F. That is the best temperature to decarb weed at, for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how fresh it is.

    You're just better off using an oven, in a dish that is wrapped in several foil layers.
  3. That actually sounds like a great idea, it must decarboxylate, but I don't know what would happen to the THC vapors.

  4. same thing that would happen to them in a oven... they just float around :smoking:

  5. THC's boiling point is 315F. So, at 220F, it should only negligibly be moving towards the boiling point (since it is in equilibrium, IE water begins to boil before the 212F bp because it's in equilibrium).

    But, your terpenes will be floating around more than anything. That's why it's recommend to seal your dish very well when decarbing in the oven, so the vapors don't escape into the outside environment. If it's kept in the system, and you wait til it cools to room temperature before opening, the terpenes that boil off should settle back down onto the buds, with the negligible amounts of cannabinoids that began to vaporize.

    In your vape, there are probably more ways it could escape, especially through the top. and especially if there isn't a lot of room in the chamber for the gas to expand in. If the area is too small, it will begin to force it's way out through any way it can.

    Don't know much about da vinci, but just some things to consider.

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