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  1. Hey.
    So as I've mentioned I make butter here and there...usually mixed strain.
    I don't really decarb - I see the value in it, don't get me wrong...I'm just usually a bit busy so I kind of dry my greens out after grinding it, and just do a 12 hour cook.

    Anyways...I was planning on doing some more to mix into my existing mixture that I use for my brownies/other bakery tonight.
    I thought fuck it - lets give decarbing a go.

    So can someone tell me temperatures, times and methods?
  2. Look up brassNwoods threads "hallucinating hash caps" dude knows his shit

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  3. Haha I was gonna say exactly the same.. Dude knows his shit about this subject...

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  4. Standard advice from everyone around here is 240 for 40 minutes
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  5. 240 F, yes?
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  6. Should I leave it as kind of bud form, or grind it prior? Open tray? Foil over, or?
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  7. I grind into a glass baking dish and cover with aluminum foil. Then 240*F for 40 mins.

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