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Decarbing Shatter - Foil Cover OK?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Christy85, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. When I'm decarbing shatter, I put it in an oven safe dish and would like to cover the dish with foil to keep the smell contained. I've mostly seen the foil cover mentioned for decarbing flower or kief (for example, in BadKat's canna oil recipe). In fact, she mentions the foil cover being helpful for containing the potency of the decarbed kief, but I don't know about that and am mostly looking to keep the smell down.

    Is it ok to cover the baking dish with aluminum foil for decarbing shatter? Would it do any harm to the decarb process? I don't want to mess that up because I finally seem to have the decarb situation right, but the smell when I made it without covering it was pretty intense and I live in an apartment complex.
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  2. @Christy85, I don't know why you could not cover it. I get that the smell is intense.
  3. During decarb the THC doesn't get hot enough to vaporize, it will remain behind as terps and water vaporizes so I don't see how covering could affect potency. I decarb hash oil in a little stainless pan floating on hot cooking oil in a multicooker set at 240F and I use the multicooker's lid to make the heat more even. I like that method because it's easy to check the temperature of the hash oil and to see when the hash oil stops bubbling indicating decarb is finished. I don't know about smells, I don't really pay attention to that.
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  4. The ideal decarb is uncovered. You want the material as dry as possible as water interferes with the oil contacting the trichomes. The wetter the material the less effective the transfer will be. This mostly applies to Buds and water hash that may still have a high moisture content.
    Dry ice Kief-Hash and concentrates are less concerned as they start waterless or very low content in the case of dry ice Kief.

    To limit smell use either the mason jar or turkey bag options. While this isn't ideal for high moisture Buds it's fine for a base that is dry to start with like Shatter, Wax, Rosin, Dry Ice Kief and the like.

    Mason jar = Place material in jar and place in cold oven. Turn on oven and heat 240 F for 40 minutes. Turn oven off and let cool completely before opening as cold air on a hot glass jar is a good way to shatter it.

    Turkey bags are one of the better ways as they don't need any warm up or cool down time.
    240 F for 40 minutes.

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  5. Cool - thanks! If I wanted to use a turkey bag with shatter, do I want to put the turkey bag around the oven safe dish? I'm guessing I wouldn't want to put the shatter directly in the bag since it would melt and stick I would imagine.
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  6. I decarb my shatter in a Pyrex measuring cup in the oven. It takes awhile because of the thickness of the Pyrex, but it's easy to add the proper amount of oil for my recipe. You could easily put the cup in a baking bag (I set my cup in a larger container so it doesn't tip over). Let us know what you did and how it worked. It helps the next toker.
  7. If you’re in a legal state like me do what I do and buy distillate syringes they are already decaf we so you don’t have to worry. There really isn’t a whole lot to be done about smell unfortunately

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