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Decarbing indoors

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mechanic, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. How bad does decarbing smell up your house? Is it ok to do with children in the house? Never done it before want to be safe. Any input is greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  2. It smells a little. I'd wait 'til they were in bed and away from it definitely. Keep your range hood on. Use a carbon filter if you've got one.
  3. It's SAFE to decarb in the house....with others present....but the smell.....well its undeniable!!!! LOL:bolt:
  4. Thanks for the replies il definitely do it in the wee hours with filters running im not concerned about stealth just was thinking of the little ones. I really appreciate the input folks take care
  5. won’t be dangerous to the kids or anyone else in the house. nor get anyone high.

    it does smell though.

    it doesn’t smell bad; but STRONG. it dissipates after a while without lingering too long, but for the time it’s in the oven and the air out period, the whole place is likely to smell. maybe 3 or 4 hours...

    I don’t personally take any special precautions for ventilation— just my hood vent and good airflow in the kitchen.

    happy baking :)
  6. Decarb in baking/oven bags.
    Eliminates almost all odor and they are reusable.
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  7. Gave that one a like, in the event it turns out to be true.
    Might have to go grab some.
    So what, like the clear ones you can roast chickens in etc?
  8. Decarb in the jar? It works for me also no smell at all, it's even better because no thc can escape.
  9. I have never had the bag melt but I put in foil just in case, then in the oven/baking bag. I flatten it to push out as much air as possible, then 240 x 40 as usual. I fold the opening over and tie it shut with a piece of string, this makes it (the bag) easily reusable.

    This is somewhere in BKS’s thread.
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