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Decarbing butter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Patricia Clemons, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Hello all. I have been doing some butter research and allot of the recipes say to stove top butter and add the weed for 40 min. Strain and your good to go! 1 stick per 3.5 grams for like 10 cookies?

    However i also read that its better to oven decarb 240 for 40. Then add to the stovetop butter forna half hour, then strain.

    Any takers?

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  2. I'm making my batch on Thursday. I'll be following this recipe, which calls for 50-60grams to 1lbs of butter

  3. I always decarb and grind the plant material first before making any oil based extracts for cooking. Then you are sure it's done. You can do lower then 240 to preserve more flavor but you have to extend the cooking time. I know someone who does 190 for 3 hrs because he claims it makes a less toasty tasting product with more terps left.
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  4. Very cool and good info. When decarbing in the oven, then adding to warm butter, just stir on low for like 20 min and then strain would be fine eh?

    Or do you decarb, then low bubble the butter and then add the herb for yet another 40? Then strain and fridge.

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  5. I like to use a crockpot on low for cooking the butter and decarbed plant material. It's been a while. I leave it on most of a day or at least 3-4 hours then strain after it cools enough to not burn you. I like straining with a white t shirt. You can get a really good squeeze of the plant material and it filters good enough.
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  6. Decarbing is only plant material broken up fairly fine on a cookie sheet baked in the oven. Let it cool grind and then cook with the butter. Then the plant material is activated whether the butter cooking or cookie baking does it or not.
  7. Okay see i decarbed last time, then stewed the butter for a half hour then strained. I was trying to figure/learn

    I like the crockpot idea.

    Seems foolproof, simmer for hours to ensure.

    Otherwise i would decarb, then stir into warm butter (maybe 20 min for thca to seep into butter) then strain

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  8. I usually do ground up plant product 40 mins in oven at 240 along with any stems, then simmer low for 2:30 followed by straining and cooling off/solidifying. Then drain the excess water and use butter for its need.
    For the stove top, I turn to high toss butter in until it boils, add in plant and turn down to simmer. Uncovered or cracked if a lot of water. Covered if not.

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