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Decarbing Bud Naturally With Oil Or Alcohol

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Biltwellnigga, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I know a lot of people use the oven to decarb the bud/kief mixed in oil to put in capsules or food but it could be done if just left mixed together in a bowl for a few days right?
    I mean one time I left a firecracker not oven baked but in the trunk of my car during very hot summer time and on the third day I ate it with great results.
    It was very potent I felt very good and was even slurring my words.  Edibles feel almost like opiate pain killers, it's crazy and I can definitely see why it is good for pain.  Very dreamy like effects with that warm body buzz like I'd feel from oxycodone.  Not as euphoric but amazing considering it's not as harmful long term use. 
    I also made some green dragon long ago and placed an 8th of bud in a small flask sized bottle of vodka that I left in for a month.  Shaking it a few times a week for 5 minutes or so.  A shot gave me a way more relaxing and warm buzz.
    Just wondering if these did indeed decarb the thc properly.

  2. Decarbing is going to take an oven or a year of your time to decarb properly. Your just letting more cannabanoids infuse with your peanut butter by leaving it sit for days. Good dragon needs to be reduced about half way to have a good potency. If your making any edibles a decarb would be the proper thing to do unless its old bud and its already done it naturally.
  3. So how do people feel it from firecrackers made and left out with out putting it in the oven?
  4. A lot of the weed that people get is from another country, imported illegally. That takes time, enough so that at least some of the THCA has naturally decarbed to THC. So by letting the firecracker sit in a warm environment the THC that is in the weed is absorbed by the fat in the PB.
    Most firecracker recipes are assuming you are using well aged weed, because that 20-25 in the oven mixed into PB isn't going to decarb much THCA. It just speeds up the absorbsion of the THC into the fat.
    Cooking a firecracker isn't about decarboxylation.
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    So fat and alcohol actually doesn't decarb the THC?
    Isn't decarboxylation that causes the body to be able to absorb the THC when eaten?
    EDIT:  Nvm did more research and found my answers.
  6. No.


    Thank you!

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