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Decarbing and storing

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by bud&booty, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Back again :) I was wondering if I decarbed some bud and mixed it with peanut butter today, will it still be good/equally potent in about 5 days if I store it in a dark drawer? Or should I freeze it instead?

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  2. It keeps for a long time. I make up cracker sandwiches for about a dozen or two doses at a time, wrap them in foil, and keep them at room temp for a few weeks or so. Also good for handing out to friends this way.
    Olive oil stays good at room temp for a long time, as do nut butters, so I don't worry.

    Plus, they might get a little stronger over time, as the nut butter oil softens up the herb particles for better digestion. I've been too busy with other tests to perform a time vs quality test for this.
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  3. @bud&booty
    Once cannabis is submerged-bound to oil it's shelf life at room temp is quite long. I've had hash oil caps under the seat of my truck for 6 months and more with no loss of potency.
    Freezer or refrigerator is best but room temps and higher really don't harm them at all.
    Extended times at high temps is another reason not to use butter or strong tasting oils like Olive. Butter can go rancid over time and I find Olive, Avocado, and most cooking oils to be strong tasting.
    Coconut oil really has Zero flavor and is the best for cannabis IMO.
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  4. Hi, i know its off topic but i usually use coconut oil that tastes like coconuts, i dont mind the flavor but some people seem to. If i get a refined coconut oil is that the kind that doesn't have flavor?
  5. The refined coconut oil may have some of the taste also. Use MCT oil. It's coconut oil and palm kernel oil that's been fractionated to stay liquid and to remove the taste and flavor. Coconut oil can influence the taste of things. I like the flavor of coconut but it was kind of odd to bite into some dark chocolate brownies that had a distinct coconut flavor. MCT is medium chain triglycerides and would be your best bet. :)
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  6. @CVC4455
    This is the one I use almost exclusively but we've used several brands from the cheapest to the most expensive (Organic) (Ohh la-la). LMAO and went back to this one. I honestly get no coconut taste or smell from it and I'm the worlds worst when it comes to hating the smell of coconuts. A trip to the beach is agony as everyone is slathered in the stench of it and it really makes me nauseous.

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