Decarb your weed then eat it as is

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by stonerpitbull, May 7, 2015.

  1. Think it would work? Ur activating the not active chemicals so maybe if u eat it like that it will be both healthy and get you high?

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    Yeah obviously it wouldn't take great but as a seasoning?

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  2. It sounds like one of the least efficient and worst tasting ways to get high, but your suggestion would probably work, if you mixed it with some fatty food. Similar to the disgusting "firecracker" concept.
    You would be better off putting in a little extra effort and making one of the tried-and-tested recipes from the Edibles sub forum. For a little extra effort you could make some brownies or garlic bread that would get you high AND be delicious. Yes I am an edibles snob. :)
  3. It would certainly work.  You could cook a pizza and sprinkle some on afterwards.
  4. Yeah, that's pretty common. Go read the edibles section and you'll see it a lot.
  5. How is it less efficient if it activates it?

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    Because if putting weed in your mouth, chewing it, and swallowing it really was the most efficient and delicious way to get high, don't you think everybody would be doing it? It would be the #1 thread on GrassCity with millions of page views, and we could all throw our expensive bongs, vapes, and rigs in the trash can! But don't take my word for it, try it and see. Like I said, I am an edibles snob. [​IMG]
  7. Are you talking about decarbing or eating raw weed?

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  8. Oh you mean eating it by itself decarbed never mind I got it lol

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    I am talking about delicious brownies, cookies, breads, muffins, etc. using the recipes in the Edibles forum.
    The OP is talking about eating decarbed herb.
    We're not the same person. ;)
  10. This is why all you chuckwagons need to put up an avatar.
  11. How are you the same person?

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  12. because if you don't bind the molecule to fat, it gets destroyed by your stomach before ever reaching your liver

  13. Ohhhhh makes complete sense now. Glad to see someone who knows what their talking about, I just can't deal with people who end things with winky face icons and call themselves edibles snobs.

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  14. its the same concept as firecrackers. decarboxylated is alot weaker than just loading it up in your bowl and smokin it. 
  15. Provided that you don't over decarb and combust some THC.. a bowl of decarbed weed will get you the same amount of high as a bowl of weed that you didn't decarb. The difference comes from how it is applied and absorbed into your body. Decarbing doesn't make weed weaker.. it makes it so the THC is active for when you put it into a fatty food, otherwise the THC that binds to fat won't be activated for when you eat it.
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  16. If you've already got the oven heated up from decarbing, just bust up the bud, throw it on a cracker with some peanut butter and put it back in for just 15 more minutes.   
    You've gone like 75% of the way to making a firecracker so why not just make one and enjoy the FULL effects of edibles.  
  17. Smefing a J or bowl or bong or whatever is so much easier. You sir, are a liar.

    Beer before Bud, you're in the mud
    Bud before Beer, you're in the clear.
  18. Right away
  19. It works better if it has something fatty to bind to.

  20. OP is 3 years old.

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