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Decarb rso

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Imnew, Dec 4, 2022.

  1. Im finding a lot of different options on if you need to decarb your cannabis before making rso or does the boiling off of the alcohol do this?
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  2. Just my opinion
    Decarb at 240f (115c) for 40 minutes before making your tincture
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  3. Decarb Cannabis = 240 F for 40 minutes
    Make Tincture with 190 proof Ethanol.
    Reduce Tincture to Tar.
    Add Coconut oil to make tar workable.
    Cook 220 F until it stops bubbling and foaming. When it is dead calm all the water has been baked out.
    Add 20% Lecithin.
    Process 220 F for 20 minutes to bind the Lecithin and Oil.
    Now it is suitable for filling capsules with.
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture, RSO

    If you don't bake the water off it will melt the capsules and ruin all your hard work. If you add the Lecithin to early it will homogenize the Water and Oil making it impossible to bake out the water.

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  4. Thank you. You are always the man with the answers. Thanks again
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  5. How much coconut oil should I add to say 2 grams of rso? I feel like I've been reading for hours and can't seem to find an answer
  6. Depends on what you are doing
    For two grams I would use a tablespoon or less
  7. I would like to make capsules.
  8. #8 Tokintb12, Dec 31, 2022
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2023
    You only need a drop or two in each capsule
    I would try to figure out a dosage based on your tolerance
    Are you a light, medium or heavy user

    If you are a light user it may make sense to use more oil
    Makes dosing safer

    Edit: Initially posted a erroneous statement
    Based a statement on 2 grams of flower when it is 2 grams of rso
    Big difference
  9. @Tokintb12, you're estimating the RSO at 150 mg/gram? I thought it was a higher percentage of THC.
  10. Sorry for the reply
    My bad
    Early partying
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  11. [​IMG]

    RSO tends to be a lot more variable in strength due to how it is made then my Kief capsules and the first few can be a surprise if they are much stronger then the last batch so testing is always a smart idea.

    Take 1 drop
    Wait 2 hours
    Take 2 drops more
    Wait again
    Take 4 drops
    Wait more
    Take 8 drops
    Keep doubling and waiting between doses.
    Eventually you'll be stoned and have an idea of how many drops is a good dose.


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