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Decarb in air fryer

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Luckydux, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. I've read recently that when you put herb in oil the oil insulates the thc oil and you don't get the same decarb as without oil. In our case we haven't actually used herb in medibles in years, instead we use concentrates.

    I have decarbed herb in oil myself though, back in the day, and thought I was doing it right.
  2. I guess it’s possible. All I know was learned from others research, which is that a decarb has happened when no more bubbles are seen in the oil.
    I didn’t visually check the herb that I decarbed in the air fryer because it was for an alcohol tincture and I didn’t want to reduce it all the way to an oil in order to do so. I’ll be making another batch soon and I’ll infuse it into mct oil this time so I can check it on an oil bath.
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  3. I've gotten comparable results on lab tests with an oven decarb and with oil post-extraction. It takes longer thanks to the oil. The type of oil and the concentration of cannabis can influence it, too. It's how a lot of professional processors do it. :)
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